Forget counter demonstrations! This is how you stem the rising tide of white fascism
Jeffrey Field

Excellent!! It has taken me YEARS to realize “these types” (KKK, white nationalists, racists, homophobes, fascists — finally spelled it right!…, others who torment, psychologically & physically torture, PASSIVE “touchless torture”, those who viciously, violate one’s civil, constitutional, HUMAN, privacy, HIPAA even, rights … .) are NOTHING but grotesque, EVIL TROLLS, and as such, should be treated the same — totally IGNORED & not engaged in ANY way!! “They” are experts at provocation, so it’s often easier said than done, & I’ve learned this the hard way, so many times — but your advice is so sound:

Absorb the tactics used by the good people of Pulaski, Tennessee. Ignore the fascisists. Stay silent. Stay off the streets. Observe but don’t react. Except, if you are attacked and you have done absolutely nothing to deserve the attack, fight back if you can. If you can’t fight back, run like hell.

I love the quote by Hillel! Too bad we can’t report the parents who are currently training their children to be future haters & sociopaths, to Child Protection Services — what they are doing to their own children is a sick, insidious form of horrendous ABUSE!!

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