230am and idk what to do

Haven’t updated this space for a REALLY long time. But I’ve been reading and watching a lot of stuff, and listening to a lot of new stuff too. Here are some snippets of the things that I find meaningful (disclaimer: LONG POST AHEAD):


“I tend to think that everything counts. In the end, each life is no more than the sum of contingent facts, a chronicle of chance intersections, of flukes, of random events that divulge nothing but their own lack of purpose.”
- The New York Trilogy, Paul Auster

“Who knew love could kill you? She spends hours kneeling by herself on the sixth floor with the window open and the sea hurling arctic air into the room, her fingers on the model of Saint-Malo slowly going numb. South to the Gate of Dinan. West to the Plage Du Môle. Back to the rue Vauborel. Every second Etinne’s house grows colder; every second it feels as if her father slips farther away.”
- All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr

“Remember this also: it’s always easy to look back and see what we were, yesterday, ten years ago. It is hard to see what we are. If you can master that trick, you will get along.”
- Go Set a Watchman, Harper Lee

“Who had been fighting with someone they had loved? Going at it long enough to unleash the irretrievable words they knew to say only because they had been trusted to know what would hurt the most. Words that cut quick and deep, inflicting damage that only time could repair, but now there was none.”
- Did You Ever Have A Family, Bill Clegg (still in the midst of reading this book)

Graphic Novels

  1. Ghost World by Daniel Clowes

Loved this so much I actually bought the entire Eightball series by Clowes which I am still reading. Although I’ve got to say, his other stories are really different from the vibe you get in Ghost World; don’t think I’ve read anything as dark and disturbing and mindfuck as Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron. There’s a movie on Ghost World too, which is equally good (available on youtube last I checked).

2. Blankets by Craig Thompson

My favourite frame :) Even printed this to paste on my wall above my bed lol.

3. Tim Ginger by Julian Hanshaw

The colours are so gentle and beautiful, and perfectly complements the story which is extremely endearing, but I didn’t quite get the ending. This book makes me want to check out Julian Hanshaw’s other works soon though!

4. Sandman Vol 5: A Game of You by Neil Gaiman

“And if there’s a moral there, I don’t know what it is, save maybe that we should take our goodbyes whenever we can.”

I’ve finally bought over the entire series from a friend and had just finished reading Vol 5 a while back. Felt that this volume was way deeper than the previous volumes I should probably reread it again. Thank you Neil Gaiman for the stories and dreams as always.


  1. The “doorman” scene from Knocked Up which never fails to crack me up:

2. AMY, which is frigging heartwrenching to watch. Here’s the trailer:

Can’t rmb what else I’ve watched at the moment. Been watching way more/too much tv series :/


“Packed and all eyes turned in, no one to see on the quay
No one waving for me just the shoreline receding
Ticket in my hand, thinking wish I didn’t hand it in”

“Was I in your way
When the cameras turned to face you?
No room in frame
For two”

))))): love you ben gibbard pls don’t be sad

Gonna end off this post with a link to this super cute pin shop I chanced upon online. My pins are on their way to me now can’t wait! Gdnight xx.

Till next time.

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