The Future of Capital Mobility
Samuel Hammond

For this to ever work out, corporations will need to learn that they do not exist without the interposition of government on how a corporation is defined. Any group of humans, whether coworkers or just tribalists, is just a group until they are granted some other legal definition from the powers that be. One modern definition of co-working groups is the corporation, often granted the same kinds of rights as individual humans, but they are neither human nor exist individually outside the collective conscious in which they arose. They have a body only in the same sense as any other body politic. Without the state defining what they are and what they can get away with [legally/domestically], they simply do not exist at all. When they try to escape the bounds of these domestically granted definitions, they will quickly hit this reality of non-existence, and thereby annihilate themselves.

This goes doubly for banking and insurance corporations, which trade in equally ethereal “goods” that cease to exist wherever their government-granted legal definitions fail to reach. In this sense, national tax laws and monetary policies *create* all national currencies, whole cloth and without rival. “Trust” is a fickle trade, and it is made impossible without democratic governance that fails to appear egalitarian to all sides of any transaction.

Another grandiose way to say all this: if you are a corporation created by laws under a democracy, your Creator Gods are the democratic citizenry, with the innate power to reverse their own creations. They also created all the manna in which you now trifle. Try to defy or escape them, and find out what happens. I dare you.

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