We still share our democracy with the nearly 60 million people who backed Trump.
I Was Wrong about Trump Voters
Michael Baharaeen

Where is this “democracy” you refer to? Assuming all the State electoral vote counts were correct, which is a huge assumption given the lack of any auditable paper trail in many of them, Trump was “elected” by a minority. This minority was so violently opposed to any real democracy that their State officeholding elites were willing to violate Civil Rights Era election laws, invite foreign agencies to “hack” our electoral process, and openly threaten voters who didn’t look like themselves yet dared to show up at the polls anyways. This bigoted minority had already proven all too willing to gerrymander their way into endless and unchallenged single-party minority rule. There is also the two-faced minority that limited the presidential candidate pool in the first place, each with their own secretive money primary, held before the primaries a shrinking subset of citizens had any say in (as if the same oligarchs didn’t already have complete control of the process every step thereafter).

At least the dictators in other countries pretend to get the majority of votes, with big “democracy affirming” numbers like 97% of the electorate! We can’t even pretend to get to 50% of the minority willing to cast any vote, let alone willing to deal with overt suppression of their vote. Even providing the illusion of a real democracy is apparently a bridge too far.

Please stop throwing this buzzword “democracy” around as if it were real today. That is a lofty ideal we have never seen implemented in this white patriarchal slave-holder determined Republic.

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