Became committer of Apache PredictionIO

The Tokyo based startup which I belong to, BizReach, Inc is introducing Apache PredictionIO as a platform of machine learning applications. PredictionIO is the machine learning server based on Spark MLlib. It offers features to develop and operation for machine learning applications such as:

  • Storage to store training data and models
  • Framework for the machine learning engine
  • Deploy developed engines as web service

PredictionIO was established in 2013, and acquired by Salesforce in 2016. Then it contributed to Apache Software Foundation. Now PredictionIO is one of Apache Incubator projects and incubating to be a top level project.

Our team have contributed to PredictionIO intermittently. One of the biggest contribution is Elasticsearch 5.x support. As a result of these contributions, following 4 developers elected as committer from our company today.

We will make effort to let PredictionIO graduate Incubator and be the top level project!