3 Virtual Assistant Training Traps and How to Avoid Them

There are so many things that need to be done in your coaching business, and it’s tricky to do them all yourself…

But, for many coaches, hiring a full-time staff is out of the question.

Hiring a virtual assistant can be a great move towards freeing up time and workload…

But it comes with its challenges and the process can be a bit clunky while you first get it up and running.

I want to share with you how to get tasks off your plate quickly and become rock solid in systemizing your business with a virtual assistant.

First, though, we need to understand the problems coaches face when training a new VA.

If you’re currently working with a VA, you’ve probably experienced these problems in the past, and there’s a chance you’re still struggling with these issues.

Don’t worry. There’s a better way ahead.

If you’re not currently working with a VA but considering the possibility, then being aware of these problems will give you a major advantage when you decide to move forward.

1. Training Takes Too Long

Before you ever hire a virtual assistant, there’s already too much on your plate — coaching, marketing, sales, administration, etc.

When you’re overwhelmed like this, the goal is to get somebody up to speed quickly. The problem is, training them usually takes a really long time.

It takes time to explain the tasks to a virtual assistant in a way they can understand.

This puts more pressure on your time. You want to hand off the task but training just takes too long.

2. Poor Quality and Mistakes

If you do a poor job of training, you’ll get poor results from your virtual assistant. Their work will most likely be low in quality and riddled with mistakes.

It’s simple. Bad input equals bad output.

3. Easier To Do It Yourself

Poor quality work filled with mistakes is unbelievably frustrating.

It’s natural to think it’s easier to do it all yourself, so you end up taking tasks back from your VA.

That can be okay in the short-term. At least it means the tasks will get done in the way you want.

In the long-term, though, it’s terrible because it doesn’t put you any closer to freedom.

The long-term consequence of those problems — long training time, poor quality and mistakes, and doing it yourself — is wasting resources.

You waste money on a virtual assistant who stands by with nothing to do, and you waste time completing tasks that should be delegated. This prevents you from getting on with the money-making side of your business, which is the most important.

That’s the downside.

If we do this right, though, things are really different…

Instead of it taking too long to explain things to your virtual assistant, you can transfer knowledge to them at the speed of uploading data to a USB drive.

You give them stuff quickly so that it doesn’t take ages to transfer the knowledge. You don’t have to spend weeks or months on training.

Instead of getting poor quality work filled with mistakes from a virtual assistant, they’ll be able to get it right the first time because you’ve documented and systematized it correctly.

Instead of getting stuck with crap in the long-term, you’ll be organized in no time at all.

Instead of wasting time doing the menial tasks yourself — or wasting your money on a virtual assistant who underperforms — you’ll be able to use your resources working only on the most important parts of your business.

I call this 5 Minutes To Freedom.

That’s our goal. We want to get stuff out of your head and into their world in a way that they can pick it up and run with it in five minutes or less.

Taki “5 Minutes” Moore

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