How To Create Endless Marketing Content Without Being Redundant

Content marketing can be a dreaded task for any coach. There are all sorts of reasons why coaches struggle with putting out great marketing content consistently.

Suffering from writer’s block leads to falling behind schedule. A monthly newsletter can turn into a yearly newsletter, and before you know it, you’ve become invisible to your prospects.

No coach wants to be invisible.

There’s a strategy I use to avoid that pitfall. It’s based on the old game, Twister. I call it Content Twister™.

Instead of body parts and colors, though, it uses hot buttons and writing styles.

Hot buttons are the important and relevant issue to your prospects. You need to identify and press them again and again and again.

Once we’ve nailed down your hot buttons, the next step is simple.

Mixing up writing styles is using multiple ways of talking about the same thing.

When you mix up the writing styles, you can talk about the same hot button issue more than once without being redundant.

Let’s say your hot button is “overcome sales objections”. We need several ways of writing about it so it doesn’t sound like the same message again and again and again.

First, we could use a rant as our writing style to talk about overcoming sales objections. Maybe we saw a sales objection that made us really angry. We could write about it in the form of a rant.

Our second writing style we could use might be a Q&A. We’d answer one or several common questions about sales objections.

A third option could be a How To — which is exactly what it sounds like. We’d show people the steps of overcoming one particular sales objection.

There are many more writing styles to choose from but you’ll only need seven or eight to be effective.

It’s fresh, vibrant, and different every time and that keeps people guessing. When people keep guessing, they get hooked.

We’ve got our hot button topics and different ways of saying the same thing which keeps people engaged every single time.

How does this relate to Twister?

Once we have our hot buttons and our writing styles, we can “spin our twister wheel” which tells us exactly what to say and how to say it.

The next thing to do is find your rhythm.

You’ll work out how often to talk about a topic and in what format.

How frequently do you want to communicate with your prospects?

Once you’ve set your schedule, you can choose which intersection of hot-button and writing style you want to send out on each day.

So set your schedule, use hot buttons, mix up writing styles, and you’ll be able to create endless marketing content without being redundant.

Taki “Content Twister” Moore

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