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May 29 · 1 min read

Greetings to the Taklimakan Network community!

As was said numerous times before, the development of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency adoption is the mission of our project. As a clear illustration of that mission, Taklimakan Network team organized a press brunch with the topic of “BLOCKCHAIN FOR PEOPLE” that gathered media representatives, bloggers, entrepreneurs and noticeable people from other fields of activity.

The speakers that held the speeches were: Rashid Yussup (CEO of Taklimakan Network), Rustam Kairy (COO), Berik Yernazar (CFO), as well as the top executive of Huobi crypto exchange (Top 5 in the rankings) Magzhan Makhashev. Speakers shared the invaluable information about the development of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in the world, current trends, the differences from stock markets and many other topics.

After the presentations, the press brunch continued with a long and fruitful panel discussions during which media representatives had the chance to receive an answers to the questions that intrigued them. Taklimakan Network platform has been introduced and the main functionality of it have been showcased.

We are pleased to present you a brief video report of that event. https://youtu.be/Tis_Icv5uyE

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