Update 1.4.2

Taklimakan Network
Jul 12 · 1 min read

Today we released a patch for our platform, which fixed some bugs and added new features.

— Fixed a bug of displaying the lines of a referral tree.
— Fixed a problem with adding videos to the publication.
— The personal account URL has been changed, now the user can share a link to his profile.
— Fixed a bug when the status of the message(add to favorites/delete from favorites) did not change in real time.
— Fixed a bug where the chat notifications counter was displayed incorrectly.
— Fixed a bug where statistics and the comments panel in reposts were not displayed in the feeds.

The logic of message positions in the list of saved messages has been improved:
— The last message added is displayed at the top of the list.
— Added function to change the position of messages in the list.

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