Weekly Design Inspirations #4 — Parallax Websites that Scroll Horizontally

Takuma Kakehi
Dec 24, 2019 · 3 min read

1 — CANALS by Marcus Brown and Aristide Benoist

Art director Marcus Brown and developer Aristide Benoist built this beautiful editorial style site that celebrates the history of Amsterdam Canals from the 17th century.

CANALS — By Marcus Brown & Aristide Benoist

2 — Home Société

Home Société curates stylish furnitures for luxurious lifestyle and its website is bold with its typography placements and photo layouts, which are reinforced with dynamic scroll motions.

Home Société | Contemporary Home & Outdoor Furniture

3 — Benjamin Guedj

A portfolio website of a designer, Benjamin Guedji, follow a conventional horizontal interactions, but was executed extremely elegantly, and this website also has a grid layout version on top of this full screen version.

Benjamin Guedj — French designer

4 — 80s Fever by Vogue

Vogue composed series snapshots of the 80s style photos with the 90s cyber graphics in the slideshow format, and it demonstrates how horizontal slideshow in a desktop layout can be an effective story-telling technique.

80s Fever by Vogue

5 — Piano Trio Fest

The website for piano trio festival at Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 2019, overlays beautifully placed typographies colored with iconic red, blue and white colors from Russia, whcih flies over playful interactive title font.

Piano Trio Fest

6 — Organic Superfoods from Rainforest Foods

The website of Rainforest Foods, a manufacturer and wholesaler of Wheatgrass organic superfoods, uses beautiful footages of the nature that makes viewers feel as they fly in space as scenes change.

Organic Superfoods from Rainforest Foods

7 — Nike Jordan Brand — Air Jordan 2012

This iconic Nike’s Air Jordan parallax website breaks apart and reconnects sneaker elements to portray the story and construction of Air Jordan series.

The original link is not available | Nike Jordan Brand — Air Jordan 2012 — Case Study

8 — icantcontrolmyego

The portfolio website of a developer Fábio Azevedo added three-dimentional space using wobbling effects on each photo.

icantcontrolmyego | Creative Front-end Developer from Portugal

9 — Lasse Pedersen

Beautiful style images of different sizes fly sideway in the website of Lasse Pedersen, a session hairstylist, and its airiness is one of the most effective use of the parallax effect.

Lasse Pedersen

10 — Norgram Studio

Although this may not be the true parallax site, the website for a design studio, Norgram Studio, smartly put together their portfolio site in its horizontal layout.

Norgram — Design Studio

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