And I couldn’t do it.

Like I have said over and over. I have made a promise to write everyday.

The truth is some day I don’t even touch a pen. And depends on whether you count interacting with a computer or computerized contraptions to be “writing” in a way, I practically failed to accomplish the goal I set earlier this year.

But I guess it’s okay. Don’t we fail to achieve the goal like… every single day?

I’ve been however pretty successful in other aspects of life. I finished my thesis. It’s on a step when we decide to publish the result. I’ve also been reading a lot of books. The best part is none of them is about physical science, my comfort zone. Whatever makes me feel dumber is always good for my expanding knowledge, crucially important for non-academic life outside the uni.

Yes, to many of my friends’ surprises, Taku’s out. But worry not, he has been planning for this for a really long time.

This is exciting. For the first time in how many years I don’t want to count. I’ll be free and not just responsible for myself but also unsupported by this safety harness offered by a research grant and scholarship. I’ll running a laboratory which actually survives on the money it makes not a government’s life support system.

I’m so not ready for it.

But neither was a lot of people. If there’s anything I truly learnt from few years in Osaka as an engineering student, it’s that you don’t optimize your life, you live it. Ironically true and hypocritical for our philosophy.

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