Starting this week, Monaca has started supporting Cordova 10.
With this support, WKWebView will be installed as standard on Android 10 and iOS. Also, newly created projects will be created for Cordova 10.

The versions of Android and iOS provided by Monaca on Cordova 10 are:

Android updates

  • Cordova Android Platform: updated to “9.0.0” (API level 29)

iOS updates

  • Cordova iOS Platform: updated to “6.1.1”

For more information, please refer to Monaca Docs.

How to upgrade the project

You can upgrade your project to Cordova 10 by following the steps below.

  1. Open the target project

Thank you for using Monaca.
We have about two months left this year, but we are pleased to inform you that Monaca plans to release four functions including Cordova 10.

Cordova10 support

The latest version of Cordova, “Cordova 10”, will be available by the end of this year.

In addition, we will also provide a function to update the project of the version “Cordova 9” to “Cordova 10”. In the update process, WKWebView is installed as standard from Cordova10, so if you used the “WKWebView plugin” in your Cordova9 project, the plugin will be deleted automatically.

* From Cordova10, the WebView used…


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