Sex on the city (OR town maybe…)

What a blight days in Ubud, Indonesia. We had an amazing short rest in this city(OR maybe we should call the town), but to be honest there is a little problem about us.

One of my wife’s natural enemy is “Gecko” which is pretty famous around in SEA. We can see them in Singapore, however in Bali, there are so many bugs and geckos in everywhere. :0

I think they are cute in some way, and of course they eat fries or sometimes trying to catch bees even the one is bigger than them.

I found several time Gecko were calling each other for making love(Maybe…). What there was so interesting are they hided behind of these small alter, then made some noise (kee kee kee kee….)

It makes me bit happier for a while, but still my wife does not like them anyway.

Smile & Thanks,


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