Dear White People, Boycotting Netflix Won’t Make You Any Whiter Than You Already Are
Ezinne Ukoha

“Black people can never be racist.” Not only is that in itself a discriminating (be it positively, which is still no better) remark, it is a ‘ludricious’ statement in itself. Being racist has nothing to with the person you are yourself or your position in society. Racism, in essence, is categorizing people into races and attaching a valued statement to the different groups. I don’t see how anyone could rightfully think that just because they are black, they are somehow that ethically superior (to other races) they cannot even BE racist (nor be held accountable the moment they are).

In the end, anyone can be a racist, anyone can be discriminating, and as soon as we stop using race labels to either trash the other groups or exalt one’s own group, we might actually get somewhere. That goes for a all humans as a collective.

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