Pick a Side
Dave Pell

What I saw in Charlotsville however was two groups of people using violence instead of dialogue to settle their arguments. I think it is good Trump called out the leftwing anti-hate protestors for using violence. Because they did. I think people are being hypocrites for allowing the leftwing protestors to use violence because they support the better cause.

You said: “ Progressives vastly outnumber the haters and the alt-right nuts. But we need to be willing to fight. I’m all for love and unity. But what we need right now is strength in numbers.”

You can’t honestly claim to be for love and unity when the sentence before that ends with ‘we need to be willing to fight’.

Extremists are bad, both on the right AND the left, and what happened in Charlotsville had nothing to do with progressing society and civil rights — It was two groups of opposing sides who are so full of their own ideas that they are unwilling to engage in civilized dialogue and resorted to violence — with victims as result, unfortunately.

I do not condone the rightwing idiot who drove a car into other people. But to blame rightwing protestors for all the violence and saying the anti-hate protestors were fighting for ‘peace’. I saw two sides fighting that day.

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