YouTube: Media Friends & Advertising

YouTube is a platform that has changed our digital society. YouTube enables amateurs to be come professionals, cats to become famous, and musicians to be discovered. It’s a diverse platform that has many different purposes and usage. You Tube is it’s own digital world where the user can create different personalities and publish them in the way they want to be portrayed. Even part of YouTube’s mission states “Broadcast Yourself.” It truly wants the creator of each video to show who they are and find their identity. This platform has also created the term “media friends.” Many users loyally follow those who create videos on a daily basis that entertain them, such as Jenna Marbles or Miranda Sings. These people become not only fans, but they end up having a connection with them.

Media friends are a product of YouTube and social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Most YouTube videos are set up in the person’s home, while he or she is closely talking to the camera in his or her living room. The unprofessional feel of a video makes the audience literally feel at home with the person in the video they are watching. It is a more personal interaction and they even become more relatable. Many people who make videos also seem to not hold back and open up fully to the audience. It creates a trust and a sense of friendship; you feel as if you are at home skyping with a friend. Most YouTube videos have started out that way especially with Jenna Marbles and I believe that is why she became so successful. Marbles now as she has become more famous seems to have help making her videos due to the quality and editing of her videos, but she still has that personal connection and rawness to her videos that makes her not only funny but relatable and truly a “media friend.”

Media friends have also turned into an outlet for broadcasting advertisements of many different companies. YouTube has become an outlet to reach customers and deliver their messages in unique ways and unique partnerships. Videos are extremely popular and take over many of our social media accounts. In fact, over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube per minute and that statistic is only growing. To produce an advertisement on Youtube not only increases a brand’s recognition but also targets relevant users. Companies strategically place ads to certain videos where it pertains. The placement of the advertisement is key.YouTube has created an entire new realm of broadcasting and advertising. The network of YouTube expands and allows the widespread of advertisements and also the advertisements of YouTube’s most famous videos and stars.

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