Lesson 1 — Welcome to UX!

  • Introduction to UX and the importance of good and thoughtful design. If we are used to bad design in everyday life, that doesn’t make it right!
  • Ira Glass — The Gap : https://vimeo.com/85040589 — cool motivational video on how to not quit creative work until you get to what your taste level is. It takes time to get there but you can only get there by consistently producing!
  • Don Norman : The design of everyday things https://www.ted.com/talks/don_norman_on_design_and_emotion?language=en
  • The Golden path: Apple
  • Starbucks experience map
  • Many components go into UX design and each one of them plays a role to complete the spectrum for good and successful UX.
  • People don’t know what they want. They think they know they want something, but good designers need to show them what they really need.
  • Books to read: The element of UX/ About Face/ Lean UX/ 100 things every designer needs to know about people/ Don’t make me think
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