Lesson 2 — User Research + Interviews + Surveys

  • Different pillars to think about on how to make Toronto a better place (Community, education, wellness, Safety, etc) — think about the city you live in and talk about problems we face in everyday life. This exercise will make you understand the place you live in and see certain advantages about your city as well as highlight issues that needs improvement.
  • Learn how to analyse and actually think about your daily encounters that is usually taken for granted. For example, looking at websites of restaurants you usually go to: is the website or user experience indicative of the restaurant itself. What are things that a website must have, would like to have and shouldn’t have.
  • Interview people to collect information that could be used to develop your idea without directing the question or channelling it to what you want to hear. This way you discover what your user is looking for and could expand on your ideas.
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