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Talao’s team is committed to support and strengthen the value and usage of our token. Therefore, as the market conditions are not the same as what they were when we designed the token metrics of TALAO’s protocol, we have decided to burn 100 million TALAO token to support the long term value of the token on the market. These tokens will be burnt and removed permanently from the market. This has been proven to be an efficient method to keep the token value at a healthy level.

We don’t have a “burn” feature inside our smart contract so we will transfer 100 million TALAO to an invalid ETH address like 0x0. As everything that occurs on our Smart Contract since the very beginning of our ICO, you will be able to see and track this transaction on our Smart Contract address.

Talao focuses on professional identity management based on an extension of the ERC725 protocol, through a BtoB go-to-market strategy and a network of partners to develop compatibility with corporate IT systems.

BtoB marketing strategy

Talao markets its professional data certification solution on the Ethereum Blockchain to companies and other organizations such as schools or training centers. Our marketing and sales actions are therefore primarily aimed at companies, which is why we communicate little with talent directly. These companies directly offer their talents (either employees, trainees or freelancers) to issue certificates related to a successful mission, and to open a Blockchain CV — Freedapp — to store these certificates and associate them with experiences or competencies. The acquisition of talent to use our protocol is therefore carried out via our customers directly. …

We are pleased to announce that Talao has partnered with ERC725 Alliance to develop ERC725 standard, a proposed standard for blockchain-based identity. Talao is using ERC725 for its certified resume and professional profile. As part of the alliance, we’re joining projects such as Polymath, Origin, Status or iExec who are also building on the ERC725 standard. Congratulations to our developer Guillaume Duveau, now listed as one of the developers of the standard!

Built by Fabian Vogelsteller, the creator of ERC20 and Web3.js, ERC 725 is an associated standard to add and remove claims to an ERC 725 identity smart contract. ERC725 shares with Talao the same beliefs in decentralization and data self-ownership since it allows for self-sovereign identity: with ERC725, users can own and manage their identity without using a centralized actor. ERC725 Alliance wants to build an open, portable standard for identities that enables decentralized reputation, governance, and more. …

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Talao launches the first application on Blockchain for the world of independent workers. This application helps to guarantee authenticity of information that is contained in a resume, and gives individuals ownership and control of their professional data.

Talent, both company employed and independent, aspire to even more freedom and autonomy, and it is becoming essential for them to establish and control their “professional reputation”. A traditional resume or even a LinkedIn profile are simply not enough anymore.

With this growing community of Talent, Talao launches the first “Blockchain CV”. Beyond the CV itself, this is an ideal application which allows anyone to create their own space on the blockchain for storing and sharing their professional data: identity, diplomas, training, experiences and skills, legal information, etc. This space belongs entirely to the talent user who selects the information they want to include. The user can encrypt certain information for reasons of confidentiality, and may associate with each piece of information a verifiable and tamper-proof certificate which comes with proof of authenticity. These certificates are issued by trusted organizations (employers, clients, schools and universities, etc.) …

Talao are excited to announce that the Talao Protocol is now live on the Ethereum mainnet.

This first version of the Talao Protocol has been successfully deployed on the Ethereum mainnet following 3 months of testing on testnet. The main goal of this release is to have the smart contracts and the core protocol battle tested on the mainnet and to onboard the first freelancers who will create their first fully decentralized professional resume.

As recognized by our beta-testers, this is the first fully decentralized app (Dapp) everyone can see and use. Decentralization is fast becoming a real force in the digital world, and the Talao team is proud to be pioneers in this space. With this release, freelancers now have the first fully decentralized professional workspace on a public blockchain and posses full ownership and control of their data. Their professional experiences will be certified on the blockchain. …

After extensive reviews and testing, the Talao team is excited to announce the Ethereum Testnet launch of a new release of the Talao protocol and a bug bounty program. The Talao team takes the security of its protocol very seriously, and, to this end, is now seeking help from the community to find bugs in the code prior and post launch. The bounty program is open to all Talao solidity smart contracts, except the TALAO token which is already on Ethereum Mainnet.

The Talao protocol new release features

The Talao protocol was conceived and is based on the concrete needs of companies and freelancers, identified through several years of our experience in the freelancing sector. It takes into consideration the rapid growth of this industry and its current evolution toward labor on demand, the total talent management strategies for companies and freelancers’ expectations of better working conditions. …

The last 3 months have been amazing, with the largest number of lines of code generated since February!

Project Technical Development

Since our last project update in August, the team has been working hard on our top priority, going live on mainnet for Freelance dApp, the first brick of the Talao decentralized platform for the future of work. Here are the main achievements:

  • Key features of the Freelance dApp have been successfully developed and are ready for mainnet. Compared to the initial roadmap, additional features have been added to take into account the following new requirements:

1/ blockchain based messaging to ease the inter-dAppp…

Today, it’s a great great step forward for the Talao token, the crypto-asset of the freelancing community.

After weeks of hard work, the Talao team is very proud and excited to announce that Sopra Steria, European leader in digital transformation with 42,000 employees in more than 20 countries, is partnering with us and will deploy our protocol. Both companies are partnering to address a real shortage of key digital transformation skills, by creating an external skills management platform, based on Ethereum blockchain and Talao Protocol. Sopra Steria aims to certify the skills of its independent digital technology experts.

An innovative approach to validate on Ethereum the skills of freelance digital technology experts
Based on Talao’s protocol, the platform enables freelancers to benefit from certification on Ethereum of skills they have applied while working on the digital transformation projects led by Sopra Steria. A true community platform, it provides access to new collaboration opportunities offered by the company and facilitates the connection and ongoing relationships between freelancers and Sopra Steria managers. …

The team has been working hard during August to finalize the ICO and move forward in the roadmap. Here is the summary of key facts and decisions.

Final Circulating Supply post-ICO

The post-ICO circulating supply of TALAO tokens for the next 12 months is split like this:

  • 740 000 TALAO Tokens distributed for the marketing and security bounties as well as the airdrop.
  • 5 200 000 TALAO Tokens sold during the sales, with the following split:
    - 3,991,907 Talao tokens were sold during the private sales. Some early investors acquired shares of eMindHub company and TALAO tokens to be early in the sale and get an impact on the governance. eMindHub acquisition by Talao will be completed before December, 31st 2018. …

We are pleased to announce today the completion of the first round (“Round A”) of our token sales. The proceed from the sales of Talao Tokens and equity raised to the benefit of Talao via a private placement completed by Emindhub represent a global amount of 7 300 ETH, with a total of more than 5,2 million of TALAO token distributed. The softcap was passed during the crowdsales which closed on July 29, 2018. All unsold tokens are now frozen for at least 12 months.

People from Europe and Asia have participated in the sale. Many of the participants are in the freelancing industry themselves, demonstrating the alignment of the Talao vision with the evolution of work in these regions. The conclusion of this first round is noticeable in a ICO market facing downturn and which has lead many candidates to postpone their token sales. …


The first Decentralized Protocol for the Future of Work.

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