TALAO launches the first “Blockchain CV”

Talao launches the first application on Blockchain for the world of independent workers. This application helps to guarantee authenticity of information that is contained in a resume, and gives individuals ownership and control of their professional data.

Talent, both company employed and independent, aspire to even more freedom and autonomy, and it is becoming essential for them to establish and control their “professional reputation”. A traditional resume or even a LinkedIn profile are simply not enough anymore.

With this growing community of Talent, Talao launches the first “Blockchain CV”. Beyond the CV itself, this is an ideal application which allows anyone to create their own space on the blockchain for storing and sharing their professional data: identity, diplomas, training, experiences and skills, legal information, etc. This space belongs entirely to the talent user who selects the information they want to include. The user can encrypt certain information for reasons of confidentiality, and may associate with each piece of information a verifiable and tamper-proof certificate which comes with proof of authenticity. These certificates are issued by trusted organizations (employers, clients, schools and universities, etc.) and are stored on the Blockchain.

The “Blockchain CV” offers many advantages for talent: to regain possession of their professional reputation and data, to guard their data securely in one place and share up to date information, and to certify all of their experiences, all this allowing them to increase their value in the market and warrant confidence from prospective employers and clients.

For companies, the “Blockchain CV” presents a great opportunity to develop their employer brand and their corporate image, respectful of the data of its people and supporting their employability. Indeed, by offering their employees the ability to certify their experiences and skills on the Blockchain, companies create a new value proposition: to enrich the professional reputation of their people.

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