Talao partnering with Fusion and DAOStack to achieve widespread adoption and blockchain synergies

After months of development and a successful private sale, Talao has grown tremendously within both the freelancer and blockchain spaces. We strongly believe that our integration in these two ecosystems is key to achieving widespread adoption of our protocol and introduces a unique way for talent to own their professional data.

We have great news to share about our go to market strategy, having already announced a partnership with Korean freelancing platform Kmong, which allows us to reach their base of 250,000 freelancers (medium article) — the focus here is on our integration within the blockchain ecosystem.

Our first priority is to build the Talao technical framework, partnering with DAOStack to enable freelancers to efficiently cooperate and self-govern using TALAO tokens, the Reputation Protocol and the Talao platform. This partnership includes upcoming workshops to develop a common roadmap, aiming to accelerate adoption. Matan Field, CEO and architect of DAOStack, having also joined Talao as an advisor, tells us, “Talao’s mission to create the first token for the freelancing economy could change the way freelancers are working all over the world. With the Talao token they can own their professional data and decide how to monetize it with full independence from other platforms”.

Secondly, we want to provide a blockchain-based infrastructure for financial services in the work on demand economy. Talao, now partnering with Fusion, plans to build a public blockchain for fully fledged financial functions. We believe it’s a critical point to achieve adoption among talent. Our partnership with Fusion will involve workshops and common roadmaps. Fusion will actively share Talao’s vision and features and will team up with Talao to promote crypto financial services. Dejun Qian, Visionary & Principal at Fusion, stated “With the Talao token, freelancers can own their professional data and decide how to monetize it with full independence from platforms. (…) FUSION will provide the infrastructure for new inclusive financial services, and Talao will help us make them a reality”

We are humbled to be working closely with these highly recognized partners and projects of the blockchain ecosystem and to know they believe in our team, our product and our vision. Our partnerships with Fusion and DAOStack will create the right synergies in becoming the leading protocol for professional data. We are convinced that this recognition by top-tier players will open many doors for Talao in the future to foster further adoption and realise best practice.

What is particularly exciting for us and our investors is that DAOStack and Fusion do not only believe in our vision and product but also in our TALAO token, which is the backbone of our architecture. These two partners will stake and lock in 50,000,000 TALAO tokens, which represent more than 30% of our total supply. Besides demonstrating their interest in our token, we believe it provides incentive for our token holders and our investors by considerably reducing the circulating supply of TALAO tokens in the coming years.

We are also thrilled to take a look back and share these key partnership milestones with you during the first stages of our project. We see these as the first key steps toward the success and adoption of our protocol and are confident will pave the way for other successful partnerships and collaborations in the near future.

From Nicolas Muller, CEO of Talao:

“Already having a working product, existing clients, including Airbus and Hyperloop, and partnerships with platforms like Kmong, has given us great confidence in our go-to-market strategy. Our second priority is to grow within the blockchain ecosystem. Our partnerships with Fusion and DAOStack are key steps in achieving this and promises to open many doors for Talao in the future.”

Our crowdsale is now live at http://ico.talao.io/crowdsale

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