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Talao partners with Korea’s Kmong to deploy the Talao protocol to 250,000 freelancing talent in Asia
Jun 25, 2018 · 3 min read

Talao, the first decentralized reputation protocol and infrastructure for the freelancing economy, and Kmong, the premier Korean online talent marketplace, announced today that they have signed a partnership agreement to deploy the Talao blockchain-based protocol and token to share certified professional data among Kmong’s 250,000 freelancing talent and clients.

According to this partnership, both companies will:

  • Actively promote the Talao Digital Reputation Vault among Kmong’s 250,000 users,
  • Support Kmong clients by issuing professional certificates stored on the blockchain and making them accessible via the protocol and TALAO token,
  • Participate in testing the protocol on the basis of specific use cases

Kmong will be involved in testing the Talao protocol from July 2018, with a target deployment on Mainnet due in August 2018.

Accelerating the international development of both our companies

This partnership will also advance the international growth of both companies in both Europe and in Asia. Kmong’s current pool of 250,000 talent in Asia will be able to present their certified skills to a more global audience, and new customers via Talao, will be introduced to Kmong’s services. Talao will rely on Kmong’s presence and user base to accelerate its growth in Asia.

The Talao Reputation Vault Protocol, the decentralized service to free professional data

Talao’s Reputation Vault Protocol is the first decentralized protocol, fully open source, built on blockchain, which allows talent to have full ownership of their professional data. The fuel of this protocol is the TALAO token. The main objective of this protocol is to enable talent to monetize their professional data through different platforms and organizations: job boards, freelancing marketplaces, staffing agencies, consulting and professional services firms. These platforms act as routers, bringing traffic to a talent member’s vault. Talent decide whether to give access to their certified experience for free, or for a fee, from any marketplace.

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From Hyeongho Park, CEO of Kmong:

“Kmong is developing fast, with a community of more than 250,000 talent today. Using the Talao protocol, our marketplace will give them a unique chance to make their skills known internationally with an unprecedented level of trust and reach. We’ll also extend our global audience, giving international customers the chance to use our services, with a greater level of trust in certified skills on the blockchain, thanks to the Talao protocol”.

From Nicolas Muller, CEO of Talao:

“Kmong’s achievements are truly impressive, and having the leading south Korean marketplace deploying Talao’s protocol is a great honor. Talao’s protocol is a unique way for marketplaces to embrace the decentralization and blockchain revolution, and Kmong is clearly forward thinking in this space. We will bring on board their 250,000 user base, and help Kmong’s customers and freelancers get the most value out of their main asset, their reputation.”

The Talao team is excited to have Kmong and their South Korean freelancing talent join the revolution of data decentralisation with the Talao protocol and token. Talao’s target is to connect companies with a public hub of 5 million talent around the world in all technological industries. This partnership with Kmong is another key step in reaching this target.

Join the revolution, and participate in the TALAO token pre-sale at

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