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The alpha release of the Reputation Vault Protocol is shipped

The Talao team is excited to announce the alpha release of our open decentralised protocol to manage Talent Certified Reputation. The set of smart contracts of the Professional Reputation Vault Protocol has been deployed on the Ethereum Ropsten Test Network. It is available for DApps evaluation on GitHub. Contributors and developers can contact our team for more information or to contribute.

The Reputation Vault Protocol is the first decentralized protocol, fully open source, built on blockchain that allows Talent to have full ownership of their professional data. The fuel of this protocol is the TALAO token. The Reputation Vault Protocol will be available on Ethereum Mainnet in July as planned.

Furthermore, Talao is in closed negotiations with several blue chip companies to deploy the Vault Protocol within their freelancer communities. It will boost protocol adoption within these blue chip companies.

We are building the first open protocol to support a universal Fully Certified Resume owned by Talent

Talao technology provides a decentralized protocol to share certified professional data between Talent (owners), Clients (buyers) and Agents (routers) as the Third Party.

The main objective of this protocol is to enable Talent to monetize their professional data through different platforms and organizations: Job boards, Freelancing marketplaces, Staffing agencies, consulting and professional services firms. These platforms act as routers, bringing traffic to the vault of the Talent. The Talent can decide to give access for free or for a fee to its certified experiences. From Linkedin to Monster, from EY to Upwork, anyone can use the Professional Reputation Vault Protocol.

The Professional Reputation Vault Protocol is often compared to both protocols enable sharing of professional identities. Same objectives, very different economics. With our protocol, the Talent is the one getting TALAO token when someone is using his data. With, it is the platforms.

With the TALAO token based Professional Reputation Vault Protocol, certificates are authenticated data (Blockcerts, BCDiploma,…) issued by companies or universities for Talent. They are proof of skills, experience and diplomas. They are stored on a distributed data storage system (IPFS, Swarm, Filecoin,…) with their description headers on-chain in a secured Vault. The Talao Vault Protocol is a set of functions coded in the TALAO token smart contract to allow access to those certificates and manage revenue flow between Talent, Agents and Clients.

The typical use case for the protocol is as follows:

  1. Talent creates Vault access with his Ethereum address. An access price is stored on-chain and mapped to the Talent Ethereum address. Talent can opt to allow free access. A token amount is stacked on the token smart contract and will be released when Talent closes the Vault.
  2. Talent opens a Vault and stores, skill, experience, diploma certificates and possibly his personal contact data. Talent can add or remove certificates at any time, the Talao Vault is GDPR compliant. Talent is the sole owner of his Vault.
  3. If needed, Talent appoints a third party website as an Agent and defines a sharing plan. The sharing plan provides a revenue split between the Agent token balance and the Talent token balance (0% to 100%).
  4. Talent quotes his Ethereum address on his profile page of the third party website.
  5. Any Clients who want to access the Talent certificates through his Ethereum address must pay the Vault access price. The revenue is split between Talent and Agent according to the sharing plan. They both can see tokens in their Ethereum wallet, and they both share the revenue flow.

With Talao, Freelancing Talent own their professional reputation, not the platforms. Sharing plans with agents are also available, allowing job boards and other marketplaces to use this unique feature where Talent control and allow access, hence adding potential new revenues streams to their business model.

The old and fake resume is dead. The new one is coming based on the Reputation Vault Protocol and the TALAO token.

100% free, 100% open source, 100% owned by Talent, 100% GDPR Compliant.

Any marketplace can use it.

Any job board can use it.

It is time to tokenize the Talent industry.

Go Talao!

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The first Decentralized Protocol for the Future of Work.

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