Talao SSI wallet now available on Apple AppStore and Google Play

The User-Centric Model of SSI Software

In the SSI model, the digital version of a driver’s license, bank card, loyalty card, employer certificate or diploma are “Verifiable Credentials” (or “VCs”). Companies, institutions or people who sign and issue VCs are called “Issuers”, those who require them to authorize access to a digital service (access to a website for example) are called “Verifiers”. The user who carries his VCs in his wallet is named “Holder”. Finally, the identity of a person, company or institution is represented in the digital space by a Decentralized Identifier (DIDs).

Our wallet design

To achieve these goals, we have opted for a minimalist design adapted to today’s SSI use cases and based on full conformance with the W3C standards. The wallet exclusively supports Verifiable Credentials in JSON-LD format, the Decentralized Identifier (DIDs) standard and the Credential Status List 2020 specifications for the revocation of VCs.

Technical specifications

  • Work on Android and iOS
  • Wallet DID: did: tz, did: key (curve Ed25519)
  • Issuer DID supported: did: tz, did: web, did: key; did: ethr, did: pkh.
  • Revocation of VCs: RevocationList2020
  • SDK development environment: PHP, Python, NodeJS, java, C, Flutter,…
  • Wallet templates: employer certificate, experience certificate, skills certificate, company pass , proof of email, proof of telephone, certificate of residence, loyalty card, diplomas, student card, …



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