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6 months ago, the Fuse network was launched. We implemented a simplified DPoS network protocol to allow us to organically grow the network with first stake-holders. Since then, we got valuable insights from first validators that joined and staked their tokens and participate in network maintenance and governance, and now is the time to take it to the next step.

Entering the year 2020, Fuse is going to focus on developing and expanding the network. Adding more validators and open delegation on the network that will allow any token holder big or small, to participate in the Fuse economy. This will happen hand in hand with increasing adoption and onboarding of more communities to the network. …

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TL;DR: Fuse network is live!, After months of testing, we are announcing the launch of the Fuse blockchain which is a DPoS network for everyday payments. and opening validator on-boarding.

Fuse network is a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) blockchain that supports smart contracts can integrate to advanced payments logic. The network was designed to work as side-chain to Ethereum and plug into the DeFi ecosystem. The Fuse chain long term goal is to scale independently and plug into other networks.

The Fuse network was designed under the premise that:

The crypto space is in the pursuit of scalable but also mainstream friendly payment capabilities on the blockchain. The name of the game in the race to develop those capabilities is to keep a delicate balance between privacy, security and ease of use. Our goal is to give community managers and community currencies issuers the tools to harvest the power of community currencies on the blockchain and enjoy the benefits of decentralization to launch their enterprises bottom-up.

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In order to achieve that goal, The CLN team spent the last six months researching the different blockchain technologies out there, along with developing the DApp and the upcoming product the Inventory manager. …

Tal Beja

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