Dear Captain Jaden: A Letter From Your Future

I’ve always felt that children have an amazing opportunity to shape the future. I’ve intently watched my nephew, Jaden, grow over the years. For just 7 years old, he is so beautifully curious and views the world with wide, bright eyes. I imagine that his dreams are so powerful, he can make them a reality. I wondered if his future could speak to him, what would it say? I hope it would sound something like this:

My nephew Jaden on the right, his brother Camron on the left.

Dear Jaden,

I have always wondered where you go when you dream. Do you dream within the mountains and between the evergreens? Does the forest welcome you? The majestic pines bowing in your presence while dropping their needles ceremoniously. The crown fixed upon your head is made of twisted vines with golden asters. You breathe wild jasmine and your fingers are stained with moss. Your bare feet pad along the sodden ground, each step palpitating the earth’s heart like the steady echo of a drum. Then you run, you leap — my god you fly! Your limbs become soft wings and hollow bones catch the wind and you are soaring free. I want you to fly until you find the edge of the world. I want you to find where the sky meets the sea. There is a boat waiting for you there and you shall be captain.

Where will you sail to Jaden? You may not know your destination, but your journey will be remarkable. Will you charter to a world unknown? Valiant commander, your dreams are as endless as the sea. You travel with a golden sextant, glassing over your vast horizon. Discover enchanted shores where time has frozen in the wake of dusk. The sun never to set and never to rise. An everlasting luminous flame burns through the grey skies. Where warm breezes carry whirls of crimson embers through the air that cascade and sink into your skin. You find people that live within this twilight, surviving on the rhythm of a song. They tell lyrical stories that float from their lips, each note a poetic pulse. They dance in a thunderous motion so powerful the sand ripples beneath them. The ground quivers and cracks at their feet, yet they continue to dance. They dance until the earth yawns from it’s slumber and the sands part. The earth suddenly rises with a mighty groan, lifting everyone towards the sky. They rise past the sun, to the left of the stars and behind the heavens.

Do you rise with them?

When you shut your eyes and drift through the rich purple sky, what do you see? Do you float with the clouds, your celestial body becoming weightless? Do you drift through a glittery assemblage of stars? Galaxies dusted across space are mirrored in your eyes. Have you touched the moon, my sweet boy? Tell me you have, for I am only of this earth. I no longer dream in vivid colors, but you reflect all that is brilliant. You are a thousand prismatic shades, bending on the edges of darkness.

Will you find me in your dreams, Jaden? There is a bench on the edge of my illusion, where we can sit and you will tell me stories of your travels. I will wait for you on the street corner, face to the night sky. I can see only by the glow of the lamppost with dirty glass and smudged yellow light. Can you see me at all?

I am overwhelmed by your intelligence and envy your freedom. I hope that when we meet, you will take my hand. May I run with you? May I rise with you?

May I dream with you?

Ever yours,

The Future

This story is a part of my collection for the 52 Week Writing Challenge! Comment, share and care! Stay tuned for more.