Board Game Update

As a result of DAO voting

Requirement for Participating

Crafters who wants to play board games will not have to pay anything for playing (entry price is 0 CRAFT).

Rewards for Winners

Every win will add
+1 weight in Junior League

+4 weight in Senior League

+6 weight in Master League

to your total weight for AVAX rewards that week. At the end of the week crafters will get rewards related to their crafted NFT weight+Every win they had that week. Added win weights are valid for that week only, that means; more win is equal to more weight .

Additional Rewards

In addition TaleCraft team will distribute +10,000 CRAFT for the board game winners every week.

Stay updated crafter, we have more cool stuff coming!

NFT Holder Rewards Update

NFT’s at marketplace for sale are not counted while snapshot of weekly total weights are taken!

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