Hey Crafters, today we are taking the first step for the Craftable.

We are introducing CraftableRush.


Hey Crafters, there is not much time left to launch of Craftable. How about rushing some early Alchemy Power?

Stake your $CRAFT’s to Join our CraftableRush pool, drop NFT’s and prepare for Craftable!

Stake Craft Earn Alchemy Power

Total weight of NFT’s that will drop to $CRAFT stakers: 5,000
CRAFT Lock starts on 15th March 17:00 UTC on app.talecraft.io/staking
APs will be airdropped depends on pool weights.
Lock period will be finished on 15th April 17:00 UTC!


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Floor is lava, you don’t not wanna step on these.

New Fire Expansion Pack consist of; 5 stone tier, 2 iron tier,1 silver tier, 4 gold tier and 3 phi stone tier NFT’s!

Let’s check them out.

fire+fire=blue fire (2) stone

blue fire+blue fire=ruby (4) stone

bluefire+lava=magma (4) stone

magma+metal=volcano (8) stone

ruby+ruby= green ruby (8) stone

green ruby+green ruby= swipe (16) iron

solar+green ruby=hydrocarbon (24) iron

computer+electricity=theta (41) silver

hydrocarbon+petroleum=natural gas (78) gold

volcano+blockchain=el salvador (122) gold

el salvador+professor=do kwon (166) gold

solar+cz=swipe (229) gold

natural gas+ethereum=gas (306) phi

gas+theta=node (347) phi

node+el salvador=volcano miner (469) phi




TaleCraft is a Gaming NFT project on #Avalanche Network #GameFi $CRAFT #Metaverse