8 Berlin Positive Impact Tech Startups

It’s not only about what you do, but where.

May 7 · 5 min read

The startup scene in Berlin is booming.

More and more companies are choosing to set up shop in German’s tech capital for its openness to relocation 🌍, dynamic atmosphere 💥, and emphasis on innovation 💡!

We rounded up 8 Berlin tech startups that are making a big impact. More specifically, these startups are all changing our world in a positive way — whether that be feeding the hungry or helping advance research for chronic diseases.

Check out 8 of Berlin’s positive impact startups that have caught our attention!

1. Coffee Circle

For those who need their cup of coffee, Coffee Circle is a subscription based service that delivers coffee right to your door. It’s completely customisable, meaning you decide the kind of coffee you want, how much, and how often you want to receive a new shipment.

What we really like about Coffee Circle is their joint mission to improve living conditions of coffee farmers in Ethiopia. 1 kilo of coffee sold equals €1 towards education, health and coffee cultivation.


2. Ecosia

Are you a Google Chrome purist? Does the idea of using another search engine sound absurd? What if that search engine positively impacted the environment?

Meet Ecosia 🌍 : They’re like any other search engine, but their ad revenue is used to plant trees, specifically where the resources are needed most.

Probably the most practical part about Ecosia is their built-in Chrome extension which seamlessly sets your search engine to theirs — with each new tab you open, you help to plant more trees. So far, they have planted millions of trees in Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonisia, Spain, and many other biodiversity hotspots.

To top it all off: your searches aren’t saved, your data isn’t sold, and you can be sure searches are always SSL-encrypted.


3. InFarm

InFarm is an urban farming services company that develops farming tech for grocery stores, restaurants, and local distribution centres. Their mission is to cultivate fresh, local produce to urban areas — like Berlin — while cutting out the millions of miles between production and consumption.

Their innovative farming methods integrate into the city’s existing infrastructure, so the modular farms can fit into compact spaces and even stack vertically. What’s most incredible is the ecological efficiency: InFarm’s production capacity is equal to 30,000m² of farmland but uses 95% less water, 75% less fertilizer, and zero chemical pesticides.


4. circular.fashion

The clothing industry is all about dispensability, with fashion trends changing 2+ times every year and less than 1% of clothing being recycled. Every year, 500 billion US dollars are wasted due to underutilisation of clothing and lack of recycling.

But with growing concern for our environmental footprint, we have companies like circular.fashion who are interested in creating tools that help brands transition towards circular practices.

Their circular.fashion system — Circular Design Software, circularity.ID, and recycling partner network — consists of extensive research, expertise and practical assets which are the building blocks of their platform.


5. ShareTheMeal

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is striving to build a world with zero hunger, and with Share the Meal they are empowering any individual with a smartphone to take part in the journey.

Currently 1 in every 9 people in the world do not get enough food and nutrients to lead a healthy life. But for just $0.50 (US), you can “share your meal” and feed one child for an entire day.

You decide when you want to share and how much. You can also select where you want to help children in need by choosing between different countries within the Share the Meal app.



For better or worse, we can all agree that smartphones have become the mode in which the majority of us consume information. EIDU is using this knowledge to their advantage to help children aged 3–6 develop cognitive abilities on their own.

With the EIDU app, children can learn autonomously over the course of several years. The EIDU team has also prioritised distribution for social impact on a global scale, meaning they’re focused on improving educational conditions worldwide.

They believe that EIDU will help to improve childhood education, something which is a driving factor in reducing the global opportunity gap.


7. Breakthrough

Breakthrough builds apps that emphasise security of personal data. For those living with a chronic disease, record keeping is essential. With Breakthrough, users access all of their health history in one place. Data is private and secure, meaning each user is responsible for their own information and deciding who can access it.

Breakthrough also enables users to securely share their data with researchers and help with advancements in research. By letting users decide where and how they share their data, Breakthrough can help us better understand, and in turn treat, chronic diseases.


8. Kialo

(Re)engage in thoughtful debates with Kialo: a platform that removes the noise which many of us encounter through online discussion groups and gets to the heart of any issue.

Topics can range from politics to existentialism, and the platform is cleverly structured to allow for clarity, rationality and accessibility.

It’s a simple concept, but we’re really intrigued and excited by Kialo’s mission to make the world more thoughtful.


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