A day in the life of a Client Executive at talent.io

by Megan Holland, Senior Client Executive at talent.io

Jun 29, 2017 · 3 min read

8.30am — I arrive at our WeWork offices, it’s Monday so we have a free breakfast provided by WeWork. I grab a bagel and make myself a coffee before heading to our office.

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WeWork Devonshire Square

9am — I look after our social media, so I check through my alerts for tech news and schedule some tweets and LinkedIn posts before checking my calendar for the day. I have 3 calls booked in with new companies that have signed up — 2 of which have created their profiles already which is a positive sign!

11am — I have spent a couple of hours reaching out to tech companies that I want to work with. Some of these are people that came to our Think Different event so already know who we are and aware of how we operate. I set up meetings with a couple of people then I have to leave the office to meet a client for coffee.

12noon — I had a great meeting with a client who hasn’t been using the platform. We discussed in detail some of his concerns and did some searches together. Once he took some time to sit down and focus on the task, he saw some good profiles and has sent messages to some people.

12.30pm — I have an event this evening so I have booked a 1Rebel class at lunch. We get 20% off being part of the WeWork Community and it helps when I am busy in the evening.

2pm — I call through some people who have signed up but not booked in calls, I manage to get through to one out of five and she’s a great fit so I approve her profile and already have 4 great profiles I can forward straight over to her.

3pm — I catch up with some of my accounts who have people in process to see how things are progressing. They are all in 2nd or final stages which is when I tend to get involved. I can then discover any concerns and communicate with the Talent Advocate on these to make sure we get positive responses!

4pm — I have a lot of accounts that are logging in but aren’t contacting anyone. Part of my role is to understand why this is. I call through these people to get some feedback. Some things come up with a few different people so I make sure I feed this back to our product team in Paris. We use Slack so it’s super easy and I am assured that it is in the backlog.

5pm — I catch up on some emails before I leave for the event

7pm — I’m at a GeekGirl event tonight which are one of my favourites as they are always interesting and relevant to what I do. talent.io sponsored their last event and there are some familiar faces. Tonight we are hearing about the gender Pay Gap and negotiation, I also meet a few developers who have heard about us and are going to sign up to the platform!

If you like a varied work day and autonomy to work how you like, apply to be part of our awesome London team!

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We promise you’ll have a smashing time. Whooops!

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