A day in the life of a Talent Advocate at talent.io

by Sam Cox, Talent Advocate at talent.io

Jul 18, 2017 · 3 min read

This is my 7th week at talent.io and it’s been a whirlwind, but a good whirlwind like the ones you see from a far or on TV or generally nowhere near your immediate vicinity.

I’ve really had to hit the floor running and due to the (awesome) autonomous structure here, I’ve had to learn things quickly and fully immerse myself in the process.

We’re currently looking for another Talent Advocate to join the team here in London so the following is a “normal” day in the life of of a Talent Advocate.

08:30(ish) — Arrive at our fully serviced WeWork offices in Devonshire Square, check to see if anyone has brought their dog to work, walk to our office sad if they haven’t. Grab a coffee and some breakfast and set up the MacBook Air ready for the day ahead.

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09:00 — I will normally have my first call with a prospective candidate booked in for 9am. As we are a selective talent platform, this is an integral part of the process. I’ll talk the candidate through how the platform works and then get to the more enjoyable part of discussing their experience and ambitions going forward.

09:30 — I’ll then write up the advocate profile outlining their skills, experience and ambitions to companies who will view them on the platform. This is probably the part I enjoy most as I am able to promote a candidate based purely on them and what they want. Whilst I was in agency recruitment it was sometimes necessary to highlight certain areas more than others for a specific job spec.

10:00–12:30 — During the next couple of hours I will speak to any other candidates booked in or review any which have applied for the next stage via the website. I will also keep in touch with any candidates currently in process about queries they may have or their general experience so far on the platform.

12:30 — Lunch –This is probably the most important and sometimes stressful part of the day as I approach the TV, grab a controller and strap in for an anything but friendly game of Mario Kart with the rest of the office. I more or less always win and there is absolutely no need to clarify that with anyone else in the office.

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Lunch — we are in Devonshire Square which is right next to Liverpool Street and Spitalfields so plenty of choice (just after payday, packed lunch for the last couple of weeks)

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13:30–18:00 — Again, I will have calls booked throughout the afternoon but I have listed below other things which may come up depending on the day:

· Writing blogs (like I’m doing right this second although it will have been in the past at the point of posting)

· Brainstorming ideas of driving brand awareness and candidate/company engagement — This is another thing I really enjoy about working at a start-up. We openly discuss ideas and take ownership of any we think will work

· Meet with the Client Executives to discuss any candidates currently on the platform who we feel should be getting more attention

· Attend events, organise an event or generally talk about events!

As mentioned, we are currently hiring for another Talent Advocate so if you like a varied workday and autonomy to work how you like, apply to be part of our awesome London team!

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