đź›  Product update: a better search experience.

talent.io is all about finding your ideal match — talent-wise — and we just rolled out new features that will make your life 10x easier.

Talking with our users and studying how they were using our platform, we discovered that some recruiters would miss opportunities with candidates that were apparently right under their eyes… 👀

Soon enough, we understood the issue was not that you were short-sighted but rather that we were not pointing you in the right direction. The solution? A revamped search experience with added clarity, better filtering, and improved matching!

Our search experience has been greatly updated. Let us walk you through the new features!

Clearer candidate cards 📝

Formerly, we used a generic field named Skills that would describe both technologies and positions. Quite confusing, right? 🤔

We decided to split Skills into two fields: Desired positions and Technologies. This will allow for more clarity and better filtering.

Desired positions is about roles, such as Software Architect, CTO, or Data Scientist, while Technologies, well, is pretty self-explanatory.

Notice the 100% matching rate? We’ll explain this in a minute!

More accurate filters: find just what you’re looking for 🔬

We tweaked the filter list for better granularity:

  • Positions and Technologies filters were added and Skills was removed.
  • Languages filter was created — since talent.io is now trans-national, we thought this option was needed in order to foster cross-border hires.

You can also save your favorite combinations of filters for further use.

Scoring: never miss an opportunity again 💯

Thanks to a more granular search, we’re now able to display a match rate for each candidate that pops-up in you search, so you’re 100% sure a profile is right for you.

More so, we can find similar profiles that match part of your needs and that we believe you should consider too.

Take a look at the following example, in which we are looking for a junior backend engineer in London that knows Python:

From our experience, candidates who master Ruby are a good fit for Python projects, given the opportunity to ramp-up.

Without our new matching tool, you would have found 11 perfect matches, but you would have passed on 6 similar profiles that could be your next hire. Take Antoine here: it’s a match on seniority and desired positions, but he doesn’t know Python. Fortunately, he’s a Rubyist, which means he could be a good fit for you(depending on external factors, like your and his willingness on training on Python).

  • “Candidates with similar positions” look for roles close to your search (think “Fullstack Developer” for “Backend Developer”)
  • “Candidates with similar technologies” have experience in another technology that we believe would make them a good fit for your company (e.g. “Python” for “Ruby”)
  • “Candidates slightly less experienced” or “Candidates slightly more experienced” don’t exactly have the level of seniority you’re looking for, but we know this should not refrain you from getting in touch with some of them.

We believe those improvements will help you find the perfect match… or widen your scope and find a great candidate you could have missed otherwise. If you have any feedback, please let us know, either by commenting or by reaching out to your account manager :)

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