Tech HR Part 2: 5 Actions to Build Workplace Diversity

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace panel discussion. From left to right: Inka Kretschmer, Katy Peichert, Diana-Alina Serbanescu, Nakeema Stefflbauer, Jen Bell, Lena Reinhard, Jamie Szymkowiak
  1. Job advertising: cut down your bullet points and mind your wording
  2. Create a code of conduct — even better, include it in the job contract
  3. Hire juniors
  4. Find an ally in the company hierarchy
  5. Standardise frameworks for career progression

Is it still worth framing the issue in stereotypes (race, gender, etc.)?

Essentially diversity is about experience.

What entry barriers can HR remove for diverse applicants?

Don’t put off potential candidates by advertising positions with a crazy number of bullet-points or exclusionary wording

Should HR work with the idea of ‘cultural fit’?

Why should HR focus on inclusion?

Whose responsibility is inclusion? How can you drive that culture?

Codes of conduct prevent people from feeling they’re making requests when they raise an issue

What can HR do to develop a diverse leadership?

Standardise frameworks for career ladders. Create a solid feedback structure. Hire juniors. Develop the people you have. — Lena

Do quotas help diversity?

How can the topic of diversity be challenged internally with a non-diverse C-level and no budget for D&I?

Use these arguments and find allies within the business.

How do you deal with companies who are not inclusive and not interested in diversity?

How can we educate teams in office culture? What about implementing workshops?

Workshops can be very useful; they need to be very goal-orientated and on skills that you use daily.

Finally, aside from everything we learned, this event proved to be a total success 💯 when we read this:

“I got a new perspective about that topic and learned a lot. Now we will definitely push diversity and inclusion in our company.”

💡 Want to know why D&I is such a challenge for the Tech HR community? Look no further than Part 1: Diversity and Inclusion 101

🎙️ The audio recording can be found on Youtube

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