Why Top Tech Companies Are Using talent.io To Hire Their Best Developers

Jul 25, 2018 · 7 min read

One of the biggest challenges that tech companies face is hiring great candidates.

Have you sent hundreds of LinkedIn messages to potential candidates without knowing whether they’re even interested in a new job? Or brought in someone who seemed great on paper only to find out they’re just not quite right for some reason or another?

Between finding candidates who are actively looking for their next job to making sure they fit in with the company culture, it can take several months to recruit a tech candidate.

talent.io is changing that by flipping the recruitment process on its head.

What is talent.io?

talent.io is a selective, reverse recruitment platform designed to be the easiest way to recruit an excellent technical team.

Each Monday, we highlight 100+ new candidates that are hand-picked from our 5000+ monthly candidate sign ups.

talent.io vs. traditional recruitment

Traditionally, it takes an average of five and a half months for a tech company to hire a developer–meaning it can take several years to build out a technical team. talent.io solves this problem in two ways:

1. The platform removes the problem of sourcing and selecting qualified profiles. All candidates who are on the platform are prescreened with a phone call to ensure that every candidate is qualified and actively seeking a new job.

Because we screen and coach candidates, we can guarantee an almost 100% response rate when clients contact them.

2. No unnecessary intermediaries. On talent.io, transparency is key. There’s no middle-man, every candidate can be contacted directly on the platform.

Clients do not rely on a consultant, thus giving full transparency and control to our user base.

Mickaël (left) and his Talent Advocate Alexandre (right) from talent.io

As a result, talent.io is a source of high-volume, high-quality, and highly-responsive profiles. That’s why the average time to hire your next tech candidates is 20 days.

We strive to create the simplest process from contact to hire through our custom technology and streamlined processes.

The selection process: how talent.io determines which candidates and companies to accept

After signing up, every candidate is assigned a specific Talent Advocate prior to their acceptance onto the platform, while every company is assigned a Client Executive who assesses the type of profiles the company needs to build out their technical team.

For candidates, this means only accepting highly-qualified profiles who are actively looking for their next job.

For companies, this means meeting specific criteria such as paying market salaries, having an internal tech team, and receiving seed funding or currently generating revenue.

The backstory: our first-hand experience tackling the difficult task of tech recruitment

talent.io was founded in March 2015, when Amit and Nicolas, two Stanford graduates with backgrounds in Software Engineering, met by chance with Jonathan, a French entrepreneur and recruitment specialist who was at this time running a recruitment agency.

When scaling their former startup in Silicon Valley, Amit and Nicolas needed tech talents. Very quickly, they realised how challenging this proved.

Candidates were either unavailable, unresponsive, not actively seeking a new job, or just weren’t good enough.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Jonathan noticed that “selective marketplaces” were gaining traction across the world and that Europe was missing a major player. He then started working on adapting this concept to recruitment in Europe. One day, as he was talking to a VC friend of his, he learned about two San Francisco entrepreneurs working on the same idea for Paris… and that’s how he met with Nicolas and Amit.

The founders of talent.io: Jonathan Azoulay, Nicolas Meunier, and Amit Aharoni

After just one conversation, the three knew they were onto something.

talent.io grew out of a need:

  • Nicolas and Amit understood first-hand what the pain points were
  • Jonathan had the market experience

In its first 2 years, talent.io raised €10M and grew from 3 people in Paris to a team of 70 across 3 countries.

Who is talent.io? The methodology behind every business decision

We have three core values that shape how we work, communicate and function.

1. Take ownership

We like to empower people to make decisions and take initiative.

This way we can create a low-authority environment that encourages functional ownership for everyone

2. Think team

Create trust and dependability on others.

This helps people to think beyond their scope and focus on maintaining a healthy workplace for everyone.

3. Make impact

We have very high ambitions for the company.

We want to make sure people get behind this ambition. It’s critical to have a high focus on results to achieve ambitious goals.

The tech team: building Europe’s #1 platform for tech recruitment

Everybody on our tech team is a full-stack developer.

This means we deliver features end-to-end. We don’t split our stories between frontend and backend development because this structure makes us more efficient.

When assigning projects, each developer sets the standards on how they want to tackle new types of issues. Once someone finishes a specific project, they show everyone else how they accomplished their goal and what they learned.

For instance, we recently developed a Chrome extension to help our operational team handle headhunting on social networks. Nobody in the team had ever developed a Chrome extension, so at the end of the project the developer responsible for it shared her knowledge with the team.

Learning and sharing is something really important to us. Every week our tech team has a retrospective meeting where everyone shares something they learned that week which they feel would help others — from small coding tricks to a more detailed explanation about how the query planner in PostgreSQL works.

These retrospective meetings are what help us improve both our process and our product.

As the team and code base grow, new types of issues arise that need to be solved systematically.

Anytime there’s a new problem, one or several team members work to improve or establish new processes so that those issues don’t come up again.

And because we’re building a platform for developers, their feedback is especially valuable in making sure the product is up to our standards.

Meet the team: life at talent.io

talent.io isn’t your average startup. We welcome newcomers like they are already part of our extended family with a team breakfast, a bundle of swag on their first day, and an on-boarding induction program called Talent University where they learn everything they need to know about talent.io and how they can make an impact.

What’s unique as well is the gender breakdown. Despite the tech industry being predominantly skewed male, our company is rather equally divided, with a 60:40 female to male split.

For women in tech, it’s especially empowering to join a startup that isn’t solely male influenced — both in terms of the team members and those in leadership roles.

This inclusive culture is further fostered by the founders’ passion for professional and personal growth.

  • We have 2 startup retreats every year where we’ll spend 3 days in a great location in order to connect and celebrate with the teams from every country. These also include thought provoking workshops such as how to use design thinking and conflict resolution which we are able to use once we’re back at work
  • After being with the company for one year, you can take part in our Hitchhiker Program and travel to one of our other offices. This provides team members with the opportunity to see how the other offices operate on a day-to-day basis as well as bond more closely with team members they do not work with directly.
  • Every few months, a team of 5–6 people will organise a themed party (previous ones include Casino Royale 🎰 and Police Investigation 🚨)
  • We’ll have meditation and yoga sessions every week, which help to reduce stress and encourage team members to try out a new activity :)
  • Lunch wouldn’t be complete at talent.io without our Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 🚗

About talent.io

📅 Year founded: 2015
Size of tech team: 11 employees
Address: Headquarters — Paris 9th, metro Trinité-d’Estienne d’Orves; Berlin — Kreuzberg; and London — WeWork Tower Bridge

📖 Values
Take ownership— Empower people to make decisions and take initiative.
Think team— Responsibility to lift and support others.
Make impact — Set ambitious goals, work to deliver tangible results, challenge yourself to improve constantly.

😎 Advantages
Bi-annual startup retreats
Hitchhiker program
Themed parties
Meditation and yoga
Fresh fruit basket
Mario Kart and FIFA

Thanks to Florian Bachelot.


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