Women of talent

talent.io is the sum of its individuals

4 min readMar 8, 2019


Many wonderful people are the power behind talent.io and make the company what it is: at the same time a successful business, and a truly inclusive, supportive and empowering place to work.

Today we all join you in celebrating International Women’s Day! To mark it we gathered just some of the female voices across talent.io to ask what they are most proud of, the most important thing they would say to anyone starting or moving on in their professional lives, and what they aim to achieve.

Over and above coming from women, the answers come from motivated, effective individuals and great colleagues.

Here are the messages from talent.io, to everyone, regardless of who you are.

Try to learn every day about your strengths and weaknesses. The day you’re aware of them, it will be easier to just deal with it and progress.
Margot Dumas Danon, talent.io France Client Executive

For me, when I was early on in my career, I shied away from being too assertive in work in fear of being seen as the “aggressive female”. But I’ve learned that these are not labels to be afraid of, and women shouldn’t shy away from being assertive in the workplace.
Megan Holland, talent.io UK Client Executive

Be open to opportunities, keep your main goal in mind but know that there are multiple roads to getting there! Always do what makes you happy and not what you “should” do.
Amélie Martin-Dupont, talent.io France Talent Advocate

Set the bar for yourself based on your personal aspirations and goals, not based on what others may think or expect of you. And really take the time to reflect on what you want. So few of us know what we really want. But when you know, you can proactively work towards making it happen–rather than simply accepting the things that come to you.
Laura Ovadia, talent.io Marketing Manager

As someone who suffered a lot from impostor syndrome in my career, I want to say to anyone entering the workplace: you belong here. It’s not because people seem confident that they are more capable than you are. Trust yourself, you are up to the task!
Zoé Cadé, talent.io Software Engineer

One of the best choices I’ve made was to join a female mentoring-network as a mentee 2 years ago. I’ve been matched with great mentors with whom I’m able to discuss work-related topics, reflect on my career path and bring up the courage to make the leap into a whole different profession following my interests and passions (and join talent.io!)

Align yourself with your values and design the life and experiences you want to live.
Marisa Kittel, talent.io Germany Client Executive

If you have crazy dreams or crazy ideas about your career and what you would like to do, try hard to accomplish them, put all your energy on that, take responsibility and don’t let anyone tell you’re mad and unrealistic. Everything is possible with persistence and tenacity. No one should have the power to demotivate you and tell what you should or not do. If you believe in you, you’ll do fantastic things.
Mélanie Pereira, talent.io Head of Events

I’m proud of the opportunity to help people from all over the world and transform their lives and careers for the better. Don’t make compromises, pursue a job that you absolutely love and feel passionate about! Stay hungry, be bold and don’t impose any limitations upon yourself.
Katerina Arsova, talent.io Germany Talent Advocate

We often hear that you can’t have it all: a family and a career. I have a happy and cheeky 4 year old son and a job I absolutely love, which is the result of hard work and risk-taking.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you and will give you the right advice: there is no interest in climbing the ladder if it leans on the wrong wall.
Julie Cristofari, talent.io Head of People and Culture

Don’t wait for the perfect conditions (the perfect title, pay, location…)
Take the very first opportunity to start something directly or indirectly related to your overriding career objective. Go for it, launch into the deep: life is full of risks and the greatest risk is living life to avoid them. Your world needs you, step out!
I aim to fulfill the overriding purpose for which God sent me into this world in all aspects of my life. Nothing short of that.
Oluwatosin Anifowose, talent.io Germany Talent Advocate

I work with strong people every day. At talent.io everyday is women’s day.
Boriana Berbenkova, talent.io Germany Client Executive

Happy International Women’s Day! Regardless of your identity, go out and celebrate the strength within you.