How To Reach Passive Job Seekers ?

Passive job seekers make up 70 percent of Global work force.

Did you know that traditional job boards are only visited by Active Job Seekers who make up only 30 percent of the entire global work force?

A report from states that 70 percent of workers are not looking for a new job, but willing to discuss it when a new opportunity arises. The main difference separating active and passive job seekers, Ted Bauer writes at the Context of Things, is that active job seekers searching for work on traditional job boards are very desperate for work while the passive job seekers could take their time to be courted and swayed. In addition, it may be quite difficult to separate passive job seekers who may be interested in speaking to you from ones who may not.

So, how do you as HR professionals reach the most receptive candidates in this 70 percent?

We have a solution for you;

We make it easy for you to recruit talent where he/she is active on a daily basis. We advertise the vacancies on all the major social media platforms in addition to most major advertising networks and job aggregators so that you reach passive job seekers as well.

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies with additional benefits of Programmatic Advertising can help you target these passive job seekers much better.

To be more precise, we can say that TalentAds is a fully automated Programmatic Job Advertising Platform which utilizes AI and Machine Learning to help create and monitor recruitment campaigns to reach the ideal candidates with just a few clicks.

Say Goodbye to the days of ‘’Post and Pray!’’ on your traditional job boards and say Hello to a new beginning with ‘’Intelligent Talent Recruitment Campaigns’’ on our TalentAds platform coming early 2018.

Nevertheless, it is crucial for you to pay close attention to the following issues once you start reaching the right kind of talent through your recruitment campaigns on TalentAds:

1-) A User-friendly Job Application: It is very important to make it easy for them to apply. While some argue that a tedious application process will weed out low quality candidates, what they don’t realize is that often the best candidates are lost in this process. Please take yourself through the application process to make sure it’s quick and easy to apply for everyone so as to ensure a Positive Candidate Experience.

2-) A Killer Job Posting: Job postings are traditionally effective for reaching active candidates, but whatever you write will also be used within your recruitment campaigns so be very explicit about exactly what skillsets you are targeting in an ideal candidate. In addition, make sure that your existing employees forward this job ad to their professional networks as well as circle of friends.

3-) An Attractive Organizational Narrative: Please make sure you’re including all the reasons why your company is a great place to work. Encourage passive job seekers to apply by offering possible flexible interviewing options, such as video interviews. Either task your agency or your marketing department to increase your company’s social media presence so as to boost your employment brand while keeping track of your organization’s reputation in check.

4-) A Super Duper Candidate Experience: Make sure you have an effective follow up program or software in place for all your applicants, since your organization may receive a high volume of applications from your talent recruitment campaigns on TalentAds. Any substandard candidate experience may easily damage your current reputation as an employment brand and negatively affect your ability to attract top talent in the days to come.

Have a fantastic recruitment day!

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