Educational certificate attestation — All you need to know!

Certificate attestation is one process with which most people might be familiar with. Even if you have not got your documents attested, chances are that you might have heard about same. There are different types of certificates and documents that you need to get attested before taking the next step to move abroad. When it comes to educational certificate attestation, there are several important things that you should consider depending on which country you are planning to visit.

The degree attestation authenticates and legalizes that educational document and certificates are original. For instance, for UAE embassy attestation in Kerala for educational certificates and documents, you have to submit them to UAE consulate or embassy in either Delhi or Mumbai. Before submitting the documents to the UAE consulate Mumbai, you have to get them attested by the Ministry of external Affairs as well as respective State Home Department. You can visit Vietnam embassy in Chennai if you plan to this place for educational certificates attestation. This process, however, varies on the basis of the type of document that you have to get attested. Sometimes, documents have to be attested by Notary prior to submission to the Home Department.

Many people find embassy attestation of educational certificates tedious and time-consuming. Such people can now choose to avail the professional services for getting educational documents attested. All you need to do is make sure you look for professional companies that have been offering attestation services for past many years.