Talentchain — Employee Speak

Coming up with Ideas may not be a real challenge but to establish that idea and implement the same into practical field is real challenge. I think every innovation undergoes through similar challenges and only those innovation turns into a product if the idea behind the innovation can reach benefit to larger audience. When we started conceptualizing Talent Chain ideas in some sporadic discussions within our team, we didn’t realize that the Talentchain product would be such a vast and robust one. We started building blocks (block of ideas) one after another in multidimensional discussions within the team, with our advisory groups and even with some potential customers. All these discussions, brain storming sessions and socialization of TalentChain concept helped us to clarify lots of doubt and resolve conflicts. You may be wondering what is to discuss so much on this? It is just a mere product that stores students’ record, certificates and some meta data. Exactly, this was our thought on the first day. But now we know that it is not just a storage but on top of storage, Talentchain provides an authentic smart digitally secured lifetime wallet to a user which tracks his or her journey from a student to professional. I know you are curious to know why it is authentic, why it is smart and how is this secured? Before I answer all these let me quickly go through objective of our TalentChain.

TalentChain objective is to facilitate an individual through-out his or her journey from academics to professional life.

And we all know that during this lifecycle a person depends on several institutions like school, colleges, universities, recruitment agencies, employer etc. So, it is important that all these institutions, organizations take part in the journey of a person. This is a bigger challenge of unearthing product like TalentChain- it is almost impossible to bring all these associated institutes within the periphery of TalentChain since inception. However, it is important that these institutes take part in TalentChain journey of a person because they are the sources of certificates (academics or professional), sometimes verifiers and a source can only claim the authenticity of certificate. We address this most important part of our TalentChain application by on boarding the sources like institutions and also individual users. Source can vouch that the certificate issued to an individual is authentic which is issued by them. But how can an individual prove that his or her certificate is authentic? Do we need to approach the institute from where the certificate has been issued? Oops, that will be a daunting task to onboard an individual! We adopted a solution of notarizing or digital attestation of certificate uploaded by an individual where a legally authorized person will be involved to endorse that certificate claimed by an individual is authentic.

Once a certificate is authentic, is it valid for ever? What happens if institute reissue the same certificate or Student upload second copy of a certificate for the same course? Blockchain has answer for the first question and TalentChain ensures that once a certificate is uploaded it is valid for ever. But second question needs to addressed in Talentchain application. So Talentchain application may seek for a multi-level approval from Institute and notary to endorse second copy of the certificate. Once the second copy of certificate is approved by institute or notary, it is up to the person whether he or she wants to show both copies of same certificate or the latest one.

Smart Wallet of a TalentChain user (both institute and individual) keeps track how many certificates is being uploaded, who accesses certificates and from where it is accessed. On boarding TalentChain application I am offered a Smart Wallet with some Loyalty ‘points which I can redeem uploading certificates. In fact, I would love to transfer my some of my Talentchain Loyalty Points to my friend to spread the power of TalentChain application.

My exploring TalentChain Application is not yet over, I unleash potential capabilities of this application during even designing and architecting the solution. In course of time, I will discuss more features of our TalentChain application which intrigues me to use application. Till then Good Bye!

About the Author:

Subham Mitra — Blockchain Engineering Head, Talentchain