9 Sidekick Breads to Pair With Any Meal

There are many reasons bread is so iconic in nearly every food culture — it’s foundational, it’s universal, it’s communal. To us and to the world, bread alone represents everything that food and eating represent. We’re all about breads that are thoughtful and substantial enough to stand on their own — whether it be this yogurt bread for a calm, sweet breakfast with coffee, or this Italian snacking bread to enjoy on a warm afternoon.

But there’s something, we believe, to be said for bread as an accompaniment, a friend on the side. It’s there when you need it, to mop up that last bit of soup or sauce, to sandwich a creamy bite of feta in your pasta. Bread is warm and comforting, and versatile through every season.

With meat and with pastas, with breakfast and with dessert, and when you decide to make your salad into a meal into the spring and summer (a salad with a capital S!), use one of these recipes to anchor any meal.

Photo by James Ransom
Photo by James Ransom
Photo by Linda Pugliese
Photo by James Ransom
Photo by Rebecca Firkser / Spices and Spatulas
Photo by Tom Hirschfeld/@bonafidefarmfood.com
Photo by James Ransom

What are your favorite sidekick breads, and what do you pair them with? Tell us in the comments!

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