#10. Laura a.k.a. ‘LauraLatte’, the Ghentian version of Sporty Spice.

Last July Talent Grid was asked to find 8 designers or shop owners who wanted to open a pop-up store during the city festival ‘Gentse Feesten’ (15–23rd of July).
All 8 spots were eventually given to lovely and energetic women. They didn’t know each other at forehand and neither did I (set apart from Carmen, known from my first Medium article). Yet they managed to get the show on the road in only 4 days. Imagine! And if short on imaginative power: Just check out the pictures in the
Facebook event.
Because I’m always intrigued in getting to know the person behind the entrepreneurial image, I will be publishing a short interview every week.

This week is Laura’s turn. She’s a caring lady who succeeded in combining her passion for coffee and biking. She crosses the city on a barista bicycle! Want to get to know her? Read her 12 answers to these interview series and enjoy the portrait Michiel Devijver made.
“Thanks for sharing a piece of your talent, Michiel. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself, Laura.”

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© Michiel Devijver — Laura Debussche, 2017

12 answers as a guide to her portrait

#1. Who are you?

I’m somebody with drive and a passion for biking, coffee and traveling. I’m a bon vivant and a dreamer. I embrace new challenges and love creating a world of my own.

#2. Who did you want to become when you were little?

I wanted to be a writer of children’s books.

#3. When did you become who you are now?

After high school I spent a year in Spain. That’s where I learnt how to look at the world and interpret it from my own point of view. But also the memories of traveling in South-America, Africa, adventure trips,… will never leave my mind. I don’t always have to go long, when in search of knowledge: I’m currently studying client-centered therapy.

#4. What was the last tipping point in your life?

One was simply enjoying a nice concert at Pukkelpop with friends. The other that comes to mind is my latest and lovely biking trip, and finally some cosy coffee moments at my ‘LauraLatte’ barista bike.

#5. What would you never want to become?

Strict and rigid. I’m genuinely chaotic and couldn’t imagine living differently.

#6. What would you like to remove from other people’s lives?

I find it hard to deal with cheap and selfish people.

#7. Why are you drawn to fixing that?

I try to fix as little as possible in other’s people’s lives. ‘Live and let live.’

#8. What used to be your motto?

Do what you love to do.

#9. What’s it today?

Coffee for everyone! :-)

#10. Who do you love, regardless that he or she doesn’t even know you?

I feel so much love for the spontaneity of children, even when I don’t know them at all. Their state of ‘happy-go-lucky’ often makes me smile.

#11. What would you never let us know?

I only share my grief with people I really trust.

#12. Do you prefer a state of quiescence or ecstasy?

I continuously need both of them really much.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you next week!

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© Michiel Devijver, for LauraLatte — pop-up shop Sur Mesure, Ghent — by Talent Grid, 2017

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