What the Best Recruitment ICO in 2018 is Like

The global recruitment industry is valued at over $450 billion. It may look to you as a #healthy industry but when you sit down with #hiring managers, you’d realise there are certain areas in this lucrative industry that needs to be changed.

Aman Sood, #CEO and #founder of Talenthon has years of experience working in the industry. He knows what needs changing and why. Hence, he decided to lead from the front by establishing the first ever recruitment platform built on #blockchain technology that rewards honesty and transparency. Here he’s sharing the company’s vision and aim set to revolutionise the #recruitment industry by offering candidates Talent Coins.

Talent Coin, through #ICO #sale, is priced at $0.30. Talent Coin can increase several times in #value in just a few months. If you are interested in #investing in Talent Coins then message us or visit our website now! Please do your own #research or consult a financial adviser before investing.