You’re Focusing On the Wrong Thing… and it’s your resumé

I spend an inordinate amount of time talking about resumés. I usually begin a conversation with “What is the most important thing for us to talk about today” and when it’s someone who is newer in their career they usually ask “Could you give me feedback on my resume?” And while I oblige, my mind is screaming

Here’s what I think happened… Somewhere early in our career, we were told a resumé gets us a job. And as many went along focused on perfecting their resumé — spending heaps of their free time submitting job applications online. But they neglected the valuable investment of time in growing out their network. And those who discovered the power in whom you know took the lead.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not suggesting that having a resumé isn’t important — we’ve launched a whole online course focusing on that specifically — but neglecting to build out your network only weakens your ability to ask for an introduction and weakens your ability to access the 80% of the job market that is hidden.

What could happen if you shifted your perspective and spent job search time on making new connections?

Up for the challenge? Here are 3 faster ways to build connections

1. Join meetup/networking groups relevant to your industry.

Tip: ✨ Arrive a little earlier and get face time with the organizers and speakers.

2. Research your own Top # list of companies.

Tip: ✨ Find out which companies have opportunities to tour their office, or are hosting events that are open to the public. Introduce yourself. Contribute to the conversation.

3. Nurture your online communities, specifically LinkedIn, Facebook and any niche place your industry spends its time. Look for opportunities to add value.

Be specific about where you invest your time, tailoring to your interests and the places where the likelihood of interacting with your industry is high.
Building connections is a long game that often yields short-term, unexpected wins.

And if my anecdotal experiences aren’t enough to shift your focus, HBR just released a study showing that face to face requests are 34x more effective than emails.

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