Engaging & Promising DotNetNuke Development Process For Your Business

More than 7 million downloads 1 million community users and ample of impressive numbers to signify the growth of DNN module development, which is a content management system based on Microsoft technology. . The DotNetNuke web development framework is a new computing platform which is developed by Microsoft for simplifying application development. It does offer many feature which increases its capabilities to a much higher extent, but it is still reckoned as a web content management system because the other titles have not sufficed the credibility in past.

This technology requires dot net framework and runs on IIS making it the most widely used CMS platform that runs for Microsoft technology. It is the one that offers the true sense of content management by delivering extreme custom functions, managing pages/documents/files/labels and do many things with a simple platform to allow people to use/share/generate information. All this can be done even by those who possess less or poor skills of development or technical expertise.

Furthermore, adding to the benefits DotNetNuke customization, it is not just a CMS but a framework as well and therefore gives full liberty to the developer in putting together great technology. Features like adding skins, the appearance of a website can be customized to various folds using skins. DotNetNuke customization can be extended by adding 3rd-party modules and lead to custom functionality. These features are beyond the basic ones such as user management, security & content management.

So for DNN developer it is easier and much more beneficial to create new more plug-ins, technology, features and resource rich content using all these attributes. In DNN terminology, it is called modules and so by adding more modules to the platform, merely by fetching or creating it, you can create more functionality into the overall system. DotNetNuke comes in three different flavors; community edition, professional edition, enterprise edition.

Community edition is open source, available for free, extendable, resourceful and can be optimized and containerized into various level so that the maximum output from the process can be obtained. Professional edition, as the name suggests is for professional and comes along with intense features, units, processes and modules for one to augment their development on to various verticals and levels. It also comes at a price and therefore should be only procured by those who have developed an insight for the program and use the available features.

DotNetNuke modules development is the enterprise edition is a remarkable feature that helps in aesthetic management of support goals. The platform has 700000 engaging sites and several ideas for developers to explore and put together. It is also supported and tested by server as DotNetNuke is a server-side technology. It is not complex; it works on WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)

However DNN module development can still be tailored in the direction where full website needs are required to be deployed. With so much dynamism and flexibility, DotNetNuke programmers find it very easy to put wings to their production.