Something isn’t right… — Frederico’s Dream

They say that dreams have a meaning for people of my kind.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve often had this nightmare — I’m in a town in a time that resembles the Middle Ages. I’m expecting something to happen. I begin to experience — night, after night — the same exact same feeling. Fear. Fear that the same thing will happen.

Time begins to pass quickly here, and I instantly begin to feel my environment become more and more threatening.

The city’s feeding off itself now: liars, merchants, and aristocrats fighting over power like maggots on a carcass. Soon there’ll be nothing left for the rats.

It’s just as well, I tell myself, the Empire was dying already. Completely rotten. All that was left was the right man, to send it over the edge.

I come to realize that ‘man’ was me.

Trying to avoid a legion of voices yelling their unanimous decision for me to flow from my subconscious state of mind to reality, I attempt to make sense of it all, to get the same closure I’ve been trying to get for the past twenty years of my life.

Now I’m on an outbound ship, off from a city in turmoil. But I yet to ask myself this one more time, am I chasing something or, running away?

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