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What is happening here?

Well I am travelling for 8 months and I want ya’alls (American expression meaning you all ;)) to know what am I doing. So there is a few places where I will be sharing stories, where I am, what am I doing and things like that. I know that I have been doing a mediocre job at the best so far, and that’s mainly because traveling is more important than writing about it, but not much more, so I have the first 20 blog posts figured out and 3 of them written. Also loads of pictures.

Tired but happy in New Orleans

Why are you traveling?

Multiple reasons. I always wanted to travel, and believe me, this is the best time to do it. In your twenties before you have any serious commitments. No it’s not gonna be the same with the kids or when you are retired. Anyways who would want to wait that long…
Than there is the fact that I had multiple opportunities after university but non of them were the one that I dreamed about. Trouble is, I don’t exactley know what I dream about, because I sleep too well. I am also not sure where to start my life. And it is bull* to make a decision like that based on tavel chanel and wikipedia. You must go and see… at least for a short time.
Third, I also want to figure a few things out about myself. And that is easiest on travels like this one. I learnt that when I was in Australia. I had help pushing me to stuff there, here I have much less of that so I have to do it myself. And that is definitely a goal.
Other than that I just want to meet people, new ideas, new places, new cultures, become a bit more openminded again, get out of my everyday perspective, talk to crazy people, simple people, people that are way smarter than I am. And yes, sometimes you find that in a park or in a pasture in the Peruvian mountains. So you have to go.

Open roads in Florida

Where to and for how long?

I already told you the 8 months part. Flew in Miami 7th of September 2014, and leaving from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil on the 6th of May 2015. I bought a car in Miami and I am driving the whole way. Crazy huh? The rout so far involved both coast of Florida, Miami, Gainesville, St Marys in Georgia, driving through Alabama and Mississippi to get to New Orleans, visiting Baton Rouge, than going into Texas, Houston and Austin, and I am in San Antonio now.
Fom here I will soon cross to Mexico, than I will do everything in Central America except for El Salvador, and we will see about South America but will do a lot there as well, though not the north eastern part of the continent. But hey, that can change. I will try to upload maps of where have I been so far.

The monster truck quietly parked n Tampa

Why alone?

Main reason is that humans are part of nature even if they refuse this notion and think themselves kings of it. This means that as everything else in nature we move towards least resistance in general. Since experiencing ew people and new things is not easy, if you have someone familiar around you, you will end u spending half of your time with that one person. And for this trip that would not be a good thing.
Than there is also the fact, that on a trip this long, there are gonna be (and to be honest have been) times when you don’t feel alright, and everything is not OK. Now I know myself and know how to handle when I am like that. And I just simply don’t want to do that with someone else.

Alone around the world

Blog, website and facebook: whats the difference?

So the Blog will have longer stories that I am happy to publish to the big world, and I will try to let you on to things that I think would be important for you as well — meaning you could actually learn something from it, or get inspired or so on. Post here will be well written — I’ll do my best — and loaded up with pictures.
The facebook is supposed to have a few updates that are way more personal or random or fun every other day. Well I suck at that I am sorry. But I will try to get better, but as I go on even if I would write, having internet is not gonna be that easy. First it started as something instead of the blog. Now I will post every blogpost there as well. And you can be sure that you will find everything there.
The website is not yet working. When I’ll have time or can get a few good friends of mine to do it instead of me, it will serve as a place where you can find the most important informationa about me and all this, and also links to all sorts of content and channels that I am using.
I am also planning on involving you guys a bit more, so that it would be more fun for you, so I will have Q&As, I will take challanges and publish the results, and I will give out tasks as well. Anybody willing to participate can have some of what I am having and I think that is good on it’s own, but I am also willing to figure out ways make it even more fun for you. Like sending you a postcard from a place where nobody will ever again send you one from. ☺

Me, less happy about how things are going

Why write and why bilingual?

It’s up on facebook as well: two reasons. The main one being so that my grandparents could read this as well. Because they are on the internet — and how col is that on it’s own? You are thinking about how am I doing a trip like this? Well I kind of have to if you look at my family. Both sides. Great people with great stories. Maybe I will share a few along the way. Second one being is that Hungarian is one of the best languages to write something. I really believe that. And I might even be better at it than english. You tell me. So this is why.

Same reason you have MPH and KMPH on every speedometer

How can I read more?

Go to the facebook page check out what I have written so far. That is a good start. This was long enough, wasnt it? And as I said I have another 20 in the making, so I will post one on every monday, wednesday and saturday. And that is a promiss. (Oh god, I hate myself, how am I this stupid??? This is a more serious commitment than marrige… well never mind I want this so let’s do it.) So hang on and check back.
And if you want to make sure you won’t miss anything I am doing, you can do one of the following two things, or both if you want to be really sure:
Follow me on facebook here (no, you have to click on the word here…). This will have the posts I promiss whenever I upload them.
Or leave your email ad your name here. (I have to tell again? click…) What this will get you is basically a weekly mail of every content that I have uploaded on the last week, and also a link to my favourite picture from last week. This picture might or might not end up on the blog or facebook, but what’s sure, that you will be the first to see it, along a very short how am I doing section, since the blog will be out of sinc with my travels.

Woohooo you made it to the end!! Hope you have read the last paragraph! ;)
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