I Definitely Was Not There For Sport

The stadium was filled with chattering from the back row, and the screaming of approval from the front row. From the back most row, the wind blew a little harder, and smelled crisper than it should. The food stand was far away along with the fact it wasn’t actually cooking the food there, just selling it. The air smelled of lavender, a non-native plant to this suburb. I could feel my heart racing, just sitting down, watching. The game was going well and the band was in proper order, after all they practice every day. The laughter of sugar high teenagers would not be unheard, even if you ran a mile away. The night was growing colder, and the thought of being cold bothered me, but leaving was out of the question.

Prospect’s Football Stadium (2015)

The night sky would be starless, as it is every night, but the sunset would glow magnificent colours, from a dark red to a pink blush. No longer sitting, but standing, if not leaning against the railing, watching. Blowing in the wind, the smell of lavender returned, but not for me. The smell was not behind me, nor next to me enough for it to give me a new, familiar warmth. The wind gusted south, giving a chill to those who could still feel. My hands trembled, and my entire body shook, yet I did not feel cold. I had a hearth within my chest, heating up my core. If I could, I would have stayed there the entire night, but it was time to leave. We won the game, but I lost my war.