The feeling of being ok with doing nothing, is similar, but not quite sloth. Sloth is the true form of almost eternal laziness. Wanting nothing, doing nothing, gaining nothing, but losing time. The loss of time does not fade like the sunset, but is always there as though it was the vacancy of space. The vacancy is the entirety of sloth, but on a larger scale. Without sloth though, the world would work like an ant colony. People need breaks otherwise they will derail harder than a train and can stop working in their preferred environment permanently. Humans are not work machines, they are delicate computers covered in flesh, operating as optimally when it is convenient. Sloth is the true cultivation of the neglect of work, and it has a physical form as well. Sloth is within every person, as much as a living person breathes. A gray aura lives within a person’s mind like the blank stare of veterans returning from war, and that grayness is what causes laziness. Falling deeper into an endless abyss, the emptiness knows no bounds, a limitless nothing. Stretching farther than infinity, it can destroy cities and countries faster than the strongest of natural disasters. Sloth is important, a little sloth is necessary, but those who let it build may never come back from the lack of work, just like a sloth.

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