The Voice of a Riley DeLuca; the Man with two Homes.

I asked Riley about how he felt with his relationship with his mothers. He responded, “I feel very satisfied with all them, they’re all very different. Umm, my [relationship] with my biological mom is definitely the closest. I think and I am very happy for the way it turned out she’s like my favourite person. Umm, her wife we get along, good too, she’s very similar to like somebody our age, so I feel like, me and her are more on a friendship level than like a stepmom stepson level. Which is nice, then my dad’s wife, she’s pretty cool too, umm, she’s got three kids, three more kids with him. Whereas at my mom’s house It’s just my mom, Misty, and me. So, it’s definitely a different dynamic, umm, it’s not that I don’t feel like less important or anything, but I wouldn’t really change any relationships cuz their all different and they all, kinda make me who I am and they all just have-they’re so many different memories compacted into each of the relationships.”

I have known Riley for a while, but I could tell his response alone it seemed like he had no qualms about his life or his childhood. I decided to ask him about how he felt about himself, if he could change how he was raised, would he?

He states, “I *pause* honestly, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t really change anything, because I feel like the way I was raised kinda differs from the way everybody else was raised cuz I mean I came from a divorced household, I go to both houses all the time.”

He’s comfortable around his living quarters no matter the location and has surrounded himself by many understanding friends, along with the fact he loves all of his parents, not just his biological ones. With a great sense of family, Riley is one fine fellow.