Black Men-Which chains do they trap you in ?

Black men in the United states only make up 13% of the population, but they make up 40% of the United states incarcerated population. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), says that African Americans constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population, and have nearly six times the incarceration rate of whites. This is sad because that leave black men to be the least educated in the United States. And being that black women are the most educated it leaves a lot of the black community being broken and leaving black men and women single. Black men being incarcerated effects the whole black community whether we believe it or not, because a lot of the men that are being incarcerated are from the “hood” or the “ghetto” and a lot of them have children and their children just end up following in the same footsteps especially if they are also males. And a lot of the times it leaves the black women single and having to provide and care for their children in some of the same illegal ways or by stripping or prostituting, and just being overworked period. Now that’s not to say that all black women do this, because a lot of black women are strong enough to do things on their own with a “good job”.

In 2017 the black male high school dropout rate was at its highest that it’s ever been since 1972. In 2017 the black male high school dropout rate was 43.0% and in 1972 it was 22.3% but it’s record lowest rate was in 1995 at 11.1%. With black men, out of school getting no education and not going to higher levels of education, it leaves it almost impossible for them to get any type of corporate jobs or good standing jobs with good pay to live more than a middle-class lifestyle like a lot of the white people get the opportunity of getting. It has also been proven that white people in general get less sentencing time than black people do and that’s goes for women and men. In 2000 there were 791,600 black men in prison and 603,032 enrolled in college versus 1980, when there were 143,000 black men in prison and 463,700 enrolled in college. This is clear that things will continue to get worse if things in the black community doesn’t change. But even more if things in the united states changed it would be a life changing thing for the black community

It appears black men being incarcerated is becoming even more of a popular thing. Because most rap artist have either been incarcerated before or know of people that have been. And a lot of them talk about living the lifestyle that gets them in prisons whether they live it or not and when young black men are the ones that are listening to it makes them think that this is what they should do to be rich or to be in the position that they are in. They see these famous people wearing all types of jewelry and shining in these music videos or in these expensive cars and people think that that is the norm it sets a certain standard for black men and they feel like they really have to be that in order to get women and to be a man and to feel cool. They try so hard to become famous but doing illegal things and a lot of the time this is the big reason why young men end up in jail. Now that’s not to say Famous black rappers are the cause of young black incarceration, but it does hold some type of responsibility because its up to these rappers to let their young fans know that this isn’t the only way of getting rich and really making it is when you can do legally that way no one can ever take it away from you or take away your knowledge on how you got there. They should tell them to get that education finish school, because knowledge is power. And that’s something that no one can take away from you.