Rendering a web content in native view using WebView API in react-native

Install the actual plugin

1. yarn add react-native-webview
2. npm i react-native-webview

Lets Start:


Loading URL and add buttons to navigate between them:

  • canGoBack: to go the previous web page from the navigational state. Its initial value is going to be a boolean false.
  • canGoForward: to go to the next web page in the navigational state. Its initial value is going to be a boolean false.
  • currentUrl to keep a reference of the current URL. Its initial value is going to be an empty string.
const App = () => {
const [canGoBack, setCanGoBack] = useState(false)
const [canGoForward, setCanGoForward] = useState(false)
const [currentUrl, setCurrentUrl] = useState('')

  • Will add a ref property so we can easily get a hold of the WebView later on
  • Also add a callback for onNavigationStateChanged
<WebViewsource={{ uri: '' }}startInLoadingState={true}renderLoading={() => (<ActivityIndicatorcolor='purple'size='large'style={styles.flexContainer}/>)}ref={webviewRef}onNavigationStateChange={navState => {setCanGoBack(navState.canGoBack)setCanGoForward(navState.canGoForward)setCurrentUrl(navState.url)}}javaScriptEnabled={true}/>
const webviewRef = useRef(null)
backButtonHandler = () => {
if (webviewRef.current) webviewRef.current.goBack()

frontButtonHandler = () => {
if (webviewRef.current) webviewRef.current.goForward()
<View style={styles.tabBarContainer}><TouchableOpacity onPress={backButtonHandler}><Text style={styles.button}>Back</Text></TouchableOpacity><TouchableOpacity onPress={frontButtonHandler}><Text style={styles.button}>Forward</Text></TouchableOpacity> <TouchableOpacity  onPress={()=>setOnChange(!change)}><Text style={styles.button}>Change</Text></TouchableOpacity></View>
const scripts = ` = 'purple';document.querySelector("h1").style.color = 'green';document.querySelector("h4").style.color = 'green';`;
setTimeout(() => {webviewRef.current.injectJavaScript( change==true? scripts :null );}, );


import React, { useState, useRef, Component } from "react";import {SafeAreaView,StyleSheet,StatusBar,ActivityIndicator,View,TouchableOpacity,Text,} from "react-native";import WebView from "react-native-webview";const App = () => {const [canGoBack, setCanGoBack] = useState(false);const [canGoForward, setCanGoForward] = useState(false);const [currentUrl, setCurrentUrl] = useState("");const [change, setOnChange] = useState(false);const webviewRef = useRef(null);const backButtonHandler = () => {if (webviewRef.current) webviewRef.current.goBack();};const frontButtonHandler = () => {if (webviewRef.current) webviewRef.current.goForward();};const scripts = ` = 'purple';document.querySelector("h1").style.color = 'green';document.querySelector("h4").style.color = 'green';`;setTimeout(() => {webviewRef.current.injectJavaScript(change == true ? scripts : null);});return (<><StatusBar barStyle="dark-content" /><SafeAreaView style={styles.flexContainer}><WebViewsource={{ uri: "" }}startInLoadingState={true}renderLoading={() => (<ActivityIndicatorcolor="purple"size="large"style={styles.flexContainer}/>)}ref={webviewRef}onNavigationStateChange={(navState) => {setCanGoBack(navState.canGoBack);setCanGoForward(navState.canGoForward);setCurrentUrl(navState.url);}}javaScriptEnabled={true}/><View style={styles.tabBarContainer}><TouchableOpacity onPress={backButtonHandler}><Text style={styles.button}>Back</Text></TouchableOpacity><TouchableOpacity onPress={frontButtonHandler}><Text style={styles.button}>Forward</Text></TouchableOpacity><TouchableOpacity onPress={() => setOnChange(!change)}><Text style={styles.button}>Change</Text></TouchableOpacity></View></SafeAreaView></>);};const styles = StyleSheet.create({flexContainer: {flex: 1,},tabBarContainer: {padding: 20,flexDirection: "row",justifyContent: "space-around",backgroundColor: "#000",},button: {color: "white",fontSize: 25,},});export default App;




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